Breanne Benson interview cont.

Breanne Benson: Hello?

NudeReviews: Hey Breanne, it’s Mack at, how are you?

Breanne Benson: Oh hi, how are you?

NR: I’m good, I’m good. How’s everything going, alright?

Breanne Benson: Yeah, everything’s great. I’m sorry, wasn’t I, was I supposed to call you or…

NR: I don’t know, do you want me to hang up? You can call back.

Breanne Benson: Oh no, no, no. [Laughs] No, no, it’s okay.

NR: No, we um, we got your number earlier via email so I just assumed we’d give you a buzz. Is that cool?

Breanne Benson: Yeah, no, that’s totally perfect, yeah.

NR: Okay, so what’s going on? What have you been up to lately?

Breanne Benson: Um, not much, I just back in from Jamaica last night. I um, had a little vacation so that was good.

NR: Very nice, very nice. Who’d you go to Jamaica with?

Breanne Benson: Um, just my sister. Yeah.

NR: Oh that’s cool.

Breanne Benson: It was a very relaxing vacation.

NR: Where’d you guys go? Montego or Negril?

Breanne Benson: Yeah, we went to Montego Bay.

NR: Oh that’s awesome.

Breanne Benson: Yeah.

NR: Are you, uh, still rocking the blonde hair or are you back to black? What’s going on there?

Breanne Benson: You know what, I do have the blonde hair but actually tweeted last night that I wanted to go back to dark.

NR: I’m going to tell you the truth, alright? I mean, I think you look hot as a blonde but I like the black much better.

Breanne Benson:  Do you? Yeah, I think…I like having the blonde but I’ve had it for like five years now but it’s so much maintenance, it’s just getting…

NR: That’s a pain in the ass.

Breanne Benson: Yeah, it’s such a pain in the ass. I’m so over it.

NR: Well I think you should go back to black tonight.

Breanne Benson: [Laughs] Tonight.

NR: Tonight, that’s right.

Breanne Benson: Yeah, no. It’s going to be a while before I go back but not that…I mean, I’m going to do it very, very soon but I’m still a little nervous about it.

NR: No, it’s all good. Like I said, it still looks good either way so don’t worry.

Breanne Benson: [Laughs]

NR: So um, how did you find your way into adult entertainment, I gotta know.

Breanne Benson:  Um, well, I started back in ’03.

NR: Okay…

Breanne Benson:  And I just…somehow I knew people in the industry and just kinda I guess…my friends started doing it so it looked like fun so I figured I’d try it and I quit in ’04. Then I started dancing at the Rhino (??), and then I decided to come back in June of ’09.

NR: And then go back into it? Oh, okay. Oh! So just recently you got back in?

Breanne Benson: Yeah, so it’s been like almost a year.

NR: What do you um, what do all your friends think? I mean, like the ones that knew you before you got into it? I mean, were they supportive? Jealous? Spiteful? I mean, what was the overall reaction?

Breanne Benson: Um, honestly, I didn’t really care if they made like

NR: Okay.

Breanne Benson:  Any comments or anything like that. But like, even though people were like “Oh my god, I can’t believe Benson’s doing that. Like, they were kind of shocked, which I don’t blame them, you know, but uh, as far as I know, you know, everyone’s been really cool with it so…

NR: That’s awesome, no like, that makes it a lot easier for you, right?

Breanne Benson: Oh, definitely, definitely.

NR: Now, you used to only do girl/girl scenes, right? Initially, but now you’ve started boy/girl, right?

Breanne Benson: Yeah, yeah, and I did girl/girl too um, when I came back until November of ’09 so I haven’t done girl/girl for like 6 months

NR: Do you like it so far?

Breanne Benson: Yeah, no, everything’s been great, it’s been a lot of fun.

NR: How come you initially only done the girl/girl?

Breanne Benson: Um, actually, when I first started I only did solos for the first six months. Um, I don’t know, I just really like taking small steps in everything that I do, for some reason so I always want to like, try things out and then I was like “okay, I think I’m ready now” and then after I did the videos and then you know, I just like to take things slow.

NR: I think that’s a good move in this industry. I think when you see a lot of girls jump right in, all the way, right out the gates, too young sometimes and it can really just take a toll, you know.

Breanne Benson:  Yeah, definitely.

NR: So what’s been um, what’s been the best part about all of it so far?

Breanne Benson: Um, everything. I mean, it’s been great. I think this time around I have more support from my family members too, that also makes such a big difference, you know what I mean? Cause I started a lot younger.

NR: No, yeah, that makes it a lot easier.

Breanne Benson: So yeah, this time it’s been a lot more smoother, it’s been fun. Everything’s been great.

NR: Oh that’s awesome, what about the downside? I mean, what’s your least favorite aspect to the business or should I say like, if you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be?

Breanne Benson: Ah, if I could change one thing…ah, no one’s ever asked me that before. That’s a good question.

NR: Thank you.

Breanne Benson: Um, I would have to say, oh dear, that’s a really good question. I have no idea…

NR: You wouldn’t change anything?

Breanne Benson: Yeah, uh, I mean, I think just the way it is is just fine, I think it’s maybe it’s I’m so used to it, it’s just like…I don’t really see anything that has to change, I mean I would like to see the magazines. Um, I know they’re not as popular now as they were back in ’03, like they’re not doing as good. Like, I would like to see that, you know.

NR: It’s tough with the internet now, you know.

Breanne Benson: Yeah, it’s all internet. I wish it was, you know, a little bit of both but I mean, whatever.

NR: But I think with the internet you’re going to reach more people than you are with print though.

Breanne Benson: Yeah, that’s true.

NR: So I mean, it has its pluses too, I mean. And for you and everybody else in the business doing what you do, I think, in the long run, I think it can only help add to your success so.

Breanne Benson: Yeah, no, that’s definitely true but it’s a lot of fun doing the magazines.

NR: You like doing that a little bit better, huh?

Breanne Benson: Yeah, those were a lot of fun, yeah.

NR: So where do you live these days, for the most part?

Breanne Benson: I actually live in Sun City. I moved there from Orange County in January so yeah.

NR: Do you like it?

Breanne Benson: Um, it’s growing on me. I know I said I’d never move to Los Angeles ‘cause I just, I hate the traffic here and everything, but you know, it’s kind of growing on me.

NR: Does it make it a lot easier for work too?

Breanne Benson:  Oh, definitely. Driving from Orange County to L.A. all the time, it’s like a six hour drive. Like, three to go to L.A. and then three back ‘cause of the traffic and you’re seriously like spending five hours in the car. It’s seriously not worth it.

NR: That’s terrible! I could never do that, that’s awful.

Breanne Benson: Yeah, that’s why I had to move out of there A.S.A.P.

NR: Well, tell me about your upbringing. You weren’t born in America, right?

Breanne Benson: No, I’m from Albania.

NR: That’s right, that’s what I’ve been told. Um, how was that like, how long were you there?

Breanne Benson: I was there until I was like five years old and um, then we moved to Italy until I was seven and then we came to the U.S.

NR: Oh wow.

Breanne Benson: So we’ve been here since like, forever.

NR: So you’re pretty much like a Southern California girl then, for the most part?

Breanne Benson:  Yeah, definitely.

NR: Alright, but I still gotta do it. I’m going to give you an Albanian history exam.

Breanne Benson: Okay, uh-oh.

NR: I’m expecting an A from you, so don’t let me down.

Breanne Benson: Oh no, I might fail. I’m not too familiar but go ahead.

NR: I don’t, hey, I don’t want your fans to be disappointed, alright?

Breanne Benson: [Laughs] Alright.

NR: Alright, what year did Albania gain independence from the Ottoman Empire?

Breanne Benson: Um, fuck my life.

NR: [Laughs]

Breanne Benson: Um, wasn’t that like in the 1990s or something like that?

NR: No, no, it was a long time ago. I mean, not too long. Almost a hundred years ago.

Breanne Benson: Oh, I’m thinking when it stopped being Communist, I think.

NR: Oh yeah, that would be the early 90s. Yeah.

Breanne Benson: Okay, um that I definitely don’t know. If was before I was born, I have not a fucking clue.

NR: It was 1912 so it was a while before you were born but I thought you might know that one.

Breanne Benson: I know [laughs]. You know, I’m sure my parents have said something but I sure as hell did not pay attention at all.

NR: Oh boy. Alright, what is the capital city of Albania?

Breanne Benson: Um, Tirana. I was born there so I know that one.

NR: Alright, well done, well done.

Breanne Benson: [Laughs]

NR: Alright, who took over as leader of Albania following World War II?

Breanne Benson: Fuck. Does the name start with a B? B-oh fuck, I don’t remember his name. Uh, I can’t pronounce it. I think it starts with the letter B. Oh no, Offa Hoxha or something?

NR: Enver Hoxha! That was close, I’m going to give you a half credit on that.

Breanne Benson: [Laughs]

NR: I’m going to give you half credit. Alright, what’s the highest mountain in Albania?

Breanne Benson: I have no idea.

NR: Oh, this is getting bad. I thought you were going to ace this thing, what happened?!

Breanne Benson: I, you know, I’ve been here for so long that I just. I never, I mean, when I speak Albanian too, I have an English accent to it.

NR: Oh boy.

Breanne Benson: I’m completely like, I don’t know much about Albania. I can barely speak to my aunt on the phone, I’m just like…

NR: That’s still pretty cool that you can speak it, though. I’m impressed.

Breanne Benson:  Yeah, no, I can still speak it but I just, I sound so dumb and I cannot read in Albanian, just a little bit, and I cannot write. Like, I can read something, it’s really weird.

NR: That’s still cool. You can speak a couple of different languages though. Not many people can do that, so that’s still impressive.

Breanne Benson: Yeah, well, I wish I could remember them ‘cause I used to know Italian too ‘cause I started first grade in Italy and I used to know it fluently but now I can’t even speak a word. Like, I have no idea what to say.

NR: You’ve got to get back in touch with your linguistic roots. I want you speaking fluent Italian, fluent Albanian.

Breanne Benson: [Laughs]

NR: Writing, reading, the whole nine yards, okay?

Breanne Benson: I got so confused learning English ‘cause I also learned Spanish when I came here. I went to a bilingual elementary school where every other day you had to speak Spanish.

NR: That’s crazy!

Breanne Benson: Yeah, I was like eight years old speaking four languages. When I like talked to my parents, I’d have like, in one sentence I’d have like four languages. It was so confusing to me.

NR: Well, the good news is they speak English pretty much everywhere. The bad news is you got one and a half out of four on your quiz.

Breanne Benson: [Laughs]

NR: But I’m going to let you slide and the next time we talk, I’m going to put together another quiz and I want you to be ready for it, alright?

Breanne Benson: Okay.

NR: Did you, were you out at AVN this year?

Breanne Benson: I was, I was there. I was signing for um, Fire TV.

NR: Okay.

Breanne Benson: Yeah.

NR: And um, you got to see all the fans? Were they pretty stoked to see you?

Breanne Benson: Yeah, it was fun, it was good. I also did um, their expo in um, Mexico City.

NR: Uh huh. Oh, what was that like?

Breanne Benson: That one was absolutely insane.

NR: I believe it.

Breanne Benson: And it was nothing compared to the AVN out here in Vegas. It was, I mean there are over like a hundred thousand people that go.

NR: Jesus.

Breanne Benson: Yeah, and like, the girls had to like, have body guards at all times because there were so many people.

NR: Yeah, Mexico’s a little crazy, for sure.

Breanne Benson: Yeah, yeah.

NR: It’s not like, in Mexico City, it’s not like in Cancun or Cabo, it’s, I mean, it can be a little dangerous so.

Breanne Benson: Yeah, yeah, so I mean, we were safe and all, but there were just so many people. It was like, it was absolutely insane.

NR: That’s good though, that’s still a good experience though. Plus, you get to see, you know, international fans, things like that. That’s a good, that’s still good.

Breanne Benson: Yeah, no, it was great, it was a lot of fun.

NR: So um, so what’s your next move? What’s on the plate right now?

Breanne Benson: Um, I just tend to go with the flow of things. So my next move is to try and um, get my website started. I’m kind of lagging on that a little bit.

NR: Just putting together content for that?

Breanne Benson: I’m sorry?

NR: Oh, you’re just trying to put together content for that or are you still in the beginning stages?

Breanne Benson: Um, I’m still in the very beginning talks. We’re still like talking about it and stuff so it’ll definitely be up by the end of the year. It’s just, it’s actually getting to it, and then, you know, next thing would maybe hopefully start feature dancing. I just, you know, I wanted to wait before I started feature dancing because just to like bring my name out again, you know what I mean?

NR: No, that’s a good way to do it, right?

Breanne Benson: Yeah, so, that’s pretty much the next step for now.

NR: That’s awesome. I know, I’m sure you’re going to keep busy. I know it’s a constant rollercoaster. I get to talk to a lot of girls and they’re kinda always on the go and they’ve always got something new going on, so I know you guys are never really…you don’t get too much downtime.

Breanne Benson: Yeah, yeah, definitely, it’s true.

NR: Well, it’s a good thing. I uh, well, I’m going to let you get going but I hope I can check with you again down the road and we can uh, we can see how things are going then but um, I really appreciate you giving us some time today. And um, I just want to let you know, everybody at Nude Reviews loves you and we wish you the best, okay?

Breanne Benson: Thank you. Okay, I’m going to call my mom and get some more info on Albania so next time I’ll be prepared. [Laughs]

NR: Absolutely. I might even learn Albanian and then we can do another interview in Albanian.

Breanne Benson: [Laughs]

NR: And we’ll be the only two people on the internet that can understand it.

Breanne Benson: [Laughs] Alright, well, it’s been great talking to you, thank you.

NR: Alright Breanne, take care. Thank you.

Breanne Benson: Alright, bye.

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