Austin Taylor

Every once in a while, you just love nothing more than a sexy white girl with a huge, round ass.  In such times of need, there’s one woman who can give you just that: Austin Taylor.  You may recognize this name from the archives of online pornography, and you may remember having seen this blonde babe with the bouncy bottom—you can’t forget it once you’ve see it!

So let’s go through the “Sexy Chick Checklist” and see if Austin qualifies.  Sexy and seductive face? Check!  Cock-hungry look in her eyes?  Check!  Lips that go perfect around a cock?  Check!  Wait, which lips are we referring to here?  Well, both of her lips qualify.  Seriously, go take a look at Austin Taylor’s wonderful little pussy lips, which she loves to play with and spread open, revealing the perfectly pink insides where heaven on Earth awaits!  Okay, back to the checklist.  Round and perky tits?  Check!  Wonderfully womanly waistline?  Check!  Amazing, astounding, astronomical ass?  Check!  Check!  Check!  Austin Taylor qualifies with ease, and performs incredibly well in the “Ass” category.  As if this whole package of pink perfection wasn’t enough, she can also perform on camera like you wouldn’t believe.  Let’s just face it: Austin entertains in a fluid, stress-free way as if she’s never stressed from work or anything like that.  But hey, you know what they say: when you love what you do, you never work another day in your life.

Most recently, you can get a look at Austin Taylor doing what she loves in the 2012 release of “Tons of White Ass 2.”

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