Tory Lane!

Brace yourself: this is one intensely sexual woman!  Tory Lane, one of the most well-known porn stars in the industry, brings you the show-stopping body of a lifetime ballerina dancer with a viciously horny love for cock that sets her apart from the rest.  I mean, if you just put aside her persistent—sometimes piercing—passion for penis, you’re still left with one sexy slut: a hot face leads down to slender shoulders, and beneath those is the prize: her round rack to relish, and those nice little nipples topping them off like the cherry on top of a milkshake.  But let’s continue downward: turn her around and take a look at Tory’s shapely, scrumptious ass—you might be tempted to take a bite out of it—but be warned: you will be susceptible to her seductive nature, which she can use to hypnotize, and then commandeer, the intimacy!

That’s right: Tory Lane is the epitome of a nymphomaniac, she is exactly what you might picture when you think of one.  Somehow, she can find the perfect balance between sexy submissiveness and an intense craving for cock that urges her into a state of impatient desire, usually resulting in her demanding and commanding for rough sex.  And this is where the wonder and excitement of Tory Lane is showcased: her seductive eyes reveal her intense thirst for sex, but once the action starts, her desperate desires intensify—and now, you can be apart of this erotic experience at the push of the play button!

As recent as 2012, Tory Lane can be found in a newly released DVD titled “Anal Boot Camp”, as well as in her scheduled “live shows.”

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Eva Angelina

Warning: Do NOT let her secretary glasses deceive you—there are no formalities when Eva Angelina is naked and craving cock!  This is a porn star who will bring you a tempting platter of features: hot body, bright and seductive eyes, and a genuine love for sex.  Eva is known for wearing glasses, though in recent years she’s been seen wearing them less and less.  In either case: who cares?!  You see, over the years, she has gone through a gradual maturing process, back from her early days in porn as an eighteen-year-old to where she is now: a twenty-three-year-old with beautiful (yet fake) breasts, cute ass, and an overall sexy body.

Most recently, this tattooed hottie is most recognized for her haircut (yes, her haircut): one side of her head is trimmed short, and the rest of her wild black hair swings all over the place while being vigorously fucked.  It might sound crazy, but this is a crazy, uncontrollable girl!  Her puffy, meaty pussy lips are beautiful little flower buds of innocence waiting to be exploited by whatever tongue, finger, cock, or toy gets near.  Eva has ventured into all kinds of sexual territories, including anal, blowbang, bukake, double-penetration, and gangbangs.  As if all this hotness and all this variety were not enough, you will also be pleased by her genuine enthusiasm on camera, where she does not hesitate to scream and squeal with pleasure.

Eva Angelina’s most recent release on June 11, 2012 is titled “Eva Angelina and Tory Lane – Bring on the Threesomes!”

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Alexis Texas

They say “everything’s bigger in Texas”…well, the State of Texas should consider making this porn star their spokesperson!  Alexis Texas: imagine a beautiful white girl: straw-blonde hair, blue-gray eyes, and a Barbie-doll facial composition that is enough to arouse most men.  Now, add to that image a round, bubbly, bouncy ass that defies gravity as it stays suspended with perfect circular shapeliness.  If you already stained your pants, then you have successful envisioned Alexis Texas—a very famous porn star who is shattering the old stereotype that “only black girls can have the juiciest asses.”

It seems Alexis Texas has a little bit for everyone.  Not a fan of a huge, thick ass?  Then maybe you’ll love her perfectly natural, perky little tits—certainly small in comparison to her ass, but they add nice variety to her.  It’s almost as if Alexis—this small-town girl from Texas—could not keep her voluptuous nature concealed despite her “white-girl” face and perky little tits.  The round, bouncy bottom on this babe always gave it away: this is a girl who developed an ass for a reason: to show it off to the rest of the world!  Aren’t you lucky?

Alexis Texas mostly does one-on-one porn, has only a handful of anal scenes, and does not do interracial.  Although these may seem like limitations, they increase the value of those little gems you might find as you surf the internet, stumbling upon those rare anal scenes.  Her most recent release is “Girls of Bangbros #10: Alexis Texas” and it’s a real ride!

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Gianna Michaels

There’s something in her eyes, or maybe it’s the seductive arches of her eyebrows, or it might just be her all-natural Double-D breasts and those perfectly supple nipples that are just the beginning of what defines Gianna Michaels—one of porn’s most recognized stars.  Before you press the play button, take note not to succumb too easily to her seductive eyes, which truly are portals into her soul that reveal a woman who legitimately loves what she does—and knows what she’s doing!

Whether you’re watching Gianna in a POV, one-on-one, lesbian, interracial, group, or anal scene, you’ll always find her performing much like an artist, offering you the perfect proportion of teasing, “come hither” eyes, and all-out indulgence in whoever is lucky enough to be on set with her.  As if all her technique and expertise wasn’t enough, she also has the ability to make a connection with the viewer because of her authentic and fun nature.  You can tell that Gianna is not only a real, genuine woman, but also a woman who really loves what she does.

Most recently, she’s been exposing her talents with Bang Bros, including the 2012 release of “One and Only Sexy Gianna” that showcases all her beauty with all her years of industry experience. Between her “sexy-meets-cute” face, amazing rack, and round thick ass, you may find yourself conflicted between what assets to admire most.  But in the end, one thing is for sure: Gianna Michaels will have you coming again and again for more—no pun intended!

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