Lesbian Couple Enjoys Rough Sex

Lesbians.  Licking.  Loving it.  The Brazzers network brings you another kinky lesbian scene, this time between two hot blondes (Brandi Love and Nicole Graves) who’ve just arrived home and proceed to remove each other’s dresses with fiery temptation.  The setting in the scene is simple enough: a cozy, warm living room and a soft couch on top of which these hot lesbians will fulfill their deepest fantasies, including oral, fingering, and topping it off at the end with some clit rubbing (where both women rub their clits against each other, resulting in climaxing orgasms).

As is common with Brazzers’ videos, the quality is top notch and recorded in piercing high-definition, giving you a window into the world of these two horny ladies.  Speaking of these ladies: just look at them!  There is clearly a dominant energy in the scene, with Brandi Love taking a bit of a dominating role over Nicole Graves as commands are given and orders are taken.  Nicole, the cuter and shorter one in the love-making, plays the role of the slightly naïve and hesitant lesbian, who slowly opens up like a flower to Brandi’s lead.  You’ll be pleased to see these two beauties indulge in each other, with Brandi’s tall body, big breasts, and slender figure merging with Nicole’s similarly large boobs and round ass.

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