Rachel Starr

Is it seriously possible for a body to be as perfectly sculpted as Rachel Starr’s?  If you’re not sure who this babe is, go check her out now.  What you’ll find is a living, breathing, cock-hungry woman whose slender curves would make a Barbie Doll jealous—sheer perfection!  Let’s get right to the bottom of this—her bottom is a perfectly round, plump, yet perky work of art, a literal hand-crafted wonder from heaven.  Okay, I don’t mean to get spiritual on you here, but Rachel Starr is sure to bring you right to the light of your climaxing orgasm real quick!

But before we get totally lost in the blessed curves of Rachel’s ass, let’s give her the much deserved credit for the rest of what she has to offer.  It’s not often I find myself marveling at a woman’s thighs, but in this case, you’d be blind not to drool.  Starr has got the perfect thighs which, when viewed from the front, reveal complimentary curves leading to her tight pussy.  Look upwards and you’ll be greeted by two bouncy breasts which, although fake, will pull your erection closer to the screen.  But look upwards just a little bit more and you’ll see the face atop this wondrous woman: pure sexy—no cuteness here—just all-out sex-seeking slut staring at you with bright eyes.  In essence: Rachel Starr has got all the goods to get you going and going…until you’re gone!

Rachel Starr’s 2012 release of “Girls Only 3 Way #2” will offer you the lesbian action you thirst for, co-starring Alexis Texas, Kayden Faye, Priscilla, and Scarlet Pain.

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