Catalina Cruz Chats With Nude Reviews For A Few

The highly anticipated “Catalina Cruz Interview” is here, apologies for the delay.  She is a total sweetheart and I will continue my search for a girl that can match her blowjob talents.  Thanks again Catalina!

Part one:

Part two:

Catalina Cruz: Hello?

Nude Reviews: Catalina, hey it’s Mack at How are you?

Catalina Cruz: Good, how are you, Mack?

NR: Good, I’m glad I finally got you on the phone.

Catalina Cruz: I know, I’m sorry. There’s never enough hours in the day. I get caught up doing my thing online…

NR: You don’t have to apologize to me. You’re a lot busier than I am, trust me.

Catalina Cruz: Not always [laughs].

NR: So, what’s going on? What’s the latest in your life?

Catalina Cruz: What’s new? Well, I’m currently working on a new website addition to all the websites we have. So that takes up a lot of time because it’s always a lot of work to get a whole new websitetogether.

NR: Yeah, I know the whole process of building a new website. It’s very tedious.

Catalina Cruz: Yeah, everything from editing the videos- and this new website is going to have an iPhone option so they can download all the videos to their iPhone, so we’re encoding in all different ways. So it’s just all very time consuming and tedious, but I love it.

NR: That’s fantastic. You gotta give the fans what they want though, right?

Catalina Cruz: Yeah, and keep them and think about the future. When all these people have these phones and things, you know?

NR: So, are you out in LA these days?

Catalina Cruz: No, I’m actually in Arizona. Originally, I’m from Ohio.

NR: Oh, I didn’t know that, Arizona. And you’re from Cleveland, right?

Catalina Cruz: Yeah, the Cleveland area and I moved here about five years ago. It just was more down to earth for me [laughs].

NR: The desert area is beautiful; I love it.

Catalina Cruz: Yeah, and I don’t mind the heat. I love it. And right now it’s in the 80s and it’s just gorgeous. I love it.

NR: How did you get into adult entertainment? You know, growing up in Cleveland.

Catalina Cruz: Actually, I was just playing around back in the 90s and I was just playing around online one day. I uploaded some amateur photos that we were just playing around with at home. I just started getting like, emails from local photographers that wanted to shoot me for their portfolio. And that’s how it started. I was like, “Uh…” and I was thinking I was just going to do promotional modeling or mainstream stuff.

NR: Nothing naked, right?

Catalina Cruz: [laughs] Yeah, I wasn’t even thinking that. And then he was like, “Why don’t you take your top off and I’ll submit them for Playboy to use.”

NR: That’s always how it starts, right?

Catalina Cruz: Right and I was just comfortable, you know? It didn’t really bother me and that was back when they had like, contact sheets you know with the- [laughs] I’m showing my age right now, huh?

NR: Don’t worry about it! I’m sure you’re going to have tons of fans regardless of if they find out how old you are. I’m sure.

Catalina Cruz: Well I’m not that old. I say I turn 21 every year.

NR: That’s good, I like that.

Catalina Cruz: Yeah, so then everything just snowballed. I met a guy in Michigan that told me about all these adult websites and he was like, “You should do this,” and I just kind of put my feet in…in the 90s and it just snowballed.

NR: And so you’re ten years strong with your own website now, right? It’s been about a decade?

Catalina Cruz: Yeah, I can’t believe it. It doesn’t even feel that long, though.

NR: Time flies, right? I gotta be honest, I used to have a girlfriend who probably could have benefitted from watching some of your instructional videos, if you know what I mean.

Catalina Cruz: [laughs] What, the Licensed to Blow?

NR: Absolutely. Can you guarantee results, for future reference?

Catalina Cruz: Yeah, I’ve had some girls fail.

NR: Oh boy, that’s not good.

Catalina Cruz: I honestly, when I get together with some of the other pornstars, when I have scenes. To be honest, they have taught me something.

NR: I don’t believe it.

Catalina Cruz: I just really, really love it. It’s a good time.

NR: Who are some of your favorite girls to work with?

Catalina Cruz: You know, they’re all my favorites. I hate to say that, but I’ve never really gotten together with anybody and thought oh, I didn’t have a good time. It’s like, even the ones who are really diva-like, I still had fun with on set because you’re just having fun. We try to make our shoots shorter than most. They’re not huge, long days because the girls just get miserable and it’s not fun.

NR: You’re just trying to help each other out, in essence. That’s a good thing. What’s your favorite thing about being a pornstar?

Catalina Cruz: Um, well first I don’t even see myself as a pornstar.

NR: Do you see yourself as the web starlet?

Catalina Cruz: Yeah, kind of. Because people argue well, is she really a pornstar? Because everything I do is on the Internet. But what I like about it is, I think I honestly like the attention. I’ve always liked people watching me. I think I can honestly say, that’s what I like.

NR: Really? So, you get a little bit of a rush out of the fact that people are watching you and getting excited watching your videos?

Catalina Cruz: Especially the live shows. That’s what I’ve really concentrated on within the past year. I’ve just started doing private shows, too. One on one shows with the members. They’ve been asking me for years and years to do them and so I’ve started doing that. And it’s just more intimate and you know, it’s different. I always said I wasn’t going to do it, but I’m really glad I did. You really get to know them.

NR: Of course, so the feedback has been really positive on the live shows and the private shows, from your members?

Catalina Cruz: Yeah, it seems like it’s really the future, the live stuff. ‘Cause that’s the closest they’re going to get to really interacting with you and it’s a real live girl instead of just videos.
NR: And that’s what they want, that’s what the fans want. It’s awesome that that’s what you’re giving them. And…what about dislikes? Is there anything you don’t like about the industry, anything you wish you could change about the industry?

Catalina Cruz: Um…there’s a lot of things. I think, one thing that really makes me sad is when the girls get caught up in the drug side. That really, really makes me sad because you can just see someone totally falling apart and it’s just not happy. And I think that, you know, if you’re going to go that way you might as well just not do it.

NR: Yeah, it’s a slippery slope.

Catalina Cruz: But I think that’s every career. You can get caught up in that. But that side definitely, I don’t like. I mean, I party and I drink every once in a while, but I’m not a huge party girl.

NR: You’re more just about getting your work done and making your website the best it can be, right?

Catalina Cruz: Yeah, and I can have fun with all that.

NR: It’s all about balance. Okay, I have to ask a few questions. You have a lot of fans at, they come to check out your galleries and they see the latest stuff we put up on you. And they have some questions for you. They want to know, what’s your favorite position?

Catalina Cruz: My favorite position? I’m not really sure if it’s the correct thing, but it’s like…reverse cowgirl? [laughs] You know, when I’m facing the ceiling and I’m on top and the guy can reach around and play with my clit?

NR: No, that’s right. Boy, geez. I think they’re going to like hearing that. What about size? Does size really matter to you?

Catalina Cruz: You know, I get asked this all the time over the years. I don’t think it does, I mean, unless it’s like really, really tiny. But you can still do- I mean, you can still rub it and I’m a clit girl and plus I’m petite, so I don’t have to have this huge- so, it doesn’t really matter to me.

NR: That’s a good thing to know. What about, one of your fans…an average fan. How long could they last during one of your famous blowjobs?

Catalina Cruz: Um, let’s see…

NR: Ten seconds?

Catalina Cruz: Nooooo! [laughs] I think, you know what sometimes comes into play is nerves. I think that sometimes that might come into play. So I would say…two minutes.

NR: Two minutes? I don’t think I could do it.

Catalina Cruz: Two minutes go by fast!

NR: So does thirty seconds.

Catalina Cruz: [laughs] You’re silly.

NR: Listen, I just want you to know that everybody here at thinks that you’re one of the hottest girls in the industry even though you’re talking about how you were dating yourself earlier and we think you should be a frontrunner for Web Starlet of the Year again in 2010.

Catalina Cruz: Oh, oh you’re crazy. That would be wild.

NR: Why? Why not?

Catalina Cruz: Well, I just think…for political reasons it’s not going to happen, but thank you. Thank you very much.

NR: Okay, one last question. Who gives a better blowjob, you or Penelope Cruz?

Catalina Cruz: Oh my god…well, I haven’t seen her in action, so I can’t judge. I’m going to say me, because I think I have more experience.

NR: I think so, too. Without a doubt.

Catalina Cruz: [laughs] I wish I could work with her, then we could find out.

NR: We should set up a contest.

Catalina Cruz: Oh yeah, she would love that.

NR: [laughs] Yeah, I think she’d agree to that in a heartbeat, right? We’ll get on the phone with her and see if we can make it happen, don’t worry…

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