Nikki Benz Told Me An Average Size Penis Is Perfect…

Nikki Benz took a breather and let NudeReviews get the latest.  She was gearing up for a Dancing Tour in Europe and gave me the inside scoop on her favorite positions and her love for Cheerios.  Listen to Part 1 here and check out the transcript below.  


Part one:

Part two:

Nikki Benz: Hello?

Nude Reviews: Nikki, hey, it’s Mack at How are you?

Nikki Benz: Good, how are you?

NR: I’m good, I’m glad we finally got you on the phone!

Nikki Benz: I know!

NR: Little busy the other day?

Nikki Benz: Little too busy all the time! [laughs]

NR: That’s cool, we understand. So what have you been up to lately?

Nikki Benz: A lot of traveling, a lot of shooting, keeping up with my website…

NR: Are you doing any feature dancing as well or no?

Nikki Benz: Yeah, I feature dance every month.

NR: Every month, okay. Is that something you think you’ll always do or do you think you’ll shy away from that eventually?

Nikki Benz: Feature dancing? No, I was a dancer first and then I became a pornstar. So I’ll always feature dance. In fact I’m gearing up to go on a two week European dance tour starting this Monday.

NR: That’s fantastic. Do you ever go back to Toronto to dance? I’m sure they’d go crazy.

Nikki Benz: No, I’ve never feature danced in Toronto. I’ve made appearances in Toronto and hosted parties, but I’ve never feature danced in Toronto. I mostly feature dance in the states and I’m kind of making history being the first American pornstar – the first Canadian pornstar, whatever – to go to Europe and do the tour in Italy and everything.

NR: That’s going to be awesome. You excited?

Nikki Benz: I’m very excited!

NR: So, what’s the deal, are you just going with your managers – you’re not going with any other dancers, right? This is all about you?

Nikki Benz: It’s all me, it’s all about Nikki Benz [laughs]. And of course, my UK agent will be there to oversee everything and just make sure everything’s okay.

NR: Very nice. What pulled you toward dancing? I know you said you were a dancer before you were a pornstar, so what made you want to dance?

Nikki Benz: Well, I was in high school and I kind of wanted to take a year off before I went to college and make some money and I found out about stripping. And I gave that a try – made a lot of money for an eighteen-year-old! And after that, I was pretty much like, this is what I’m going to do.

NR: What was your last job before you started stripping?

Nikki Benz: I worked at Starbucks and that explains my Starbucks addition. I started working at Starbucks when I was fifteen. I was the youngest Starbucks employee in the city of Toronto. ‘Cause I think, it’s legal in Canada to work there at fifteen if you pass all the interviews. So, from fifteen to eighteen, I was a barista. I guess that’s what you call them. And then I began stripping.

NR: You made a few more bucks stripping than you did brewing coffee, huh?

Nikki Benz: Oh, I sure did! And I loved the fact that when I went home at night, I didn’t smell like coffee beans.

NR: So, I gotta ask, did anything embarrassing ever happen while you were stripping?

Nikki Benz: Um, not really…I tripped and fell on stage once, but I made it seem like it was part of my show.

NR: You made it look natural, that’s what I like to hear.

Nikki Benz: Oh yeah, I was like, you guys saw that? That was part of my show. I still do that sometimes when I feature dance because I’ve got my boots on and trip and I just play it off. They love it.

NR: People don’t realize, it’s dangerous out there!

Nikki Benz: Oh yeah, I come back bruised up every time I feature dance.

NR: What about on a movie shoot? Has anything crazy ever happened, anything embarrassing, anything wild? I mean, I know it’s all wild, but you know what I mean.

Nikki Benz: Well, it’s not all wild. It’s very professional, it’s a job. I just get fucked for a living and get paid for it, I’m very lucky. But in terms of- there’s a lot of funny behind the scenes. I remember shooting a scene and the doorbell rang and it’s the pizza boy delivering a pizza to me. And I’m supposed to say, “Hi, would you like to come in?” or something like that. But I had these brand new stripper heels on that I’d just bought and I was testing them out and as I grabbed the box, I lost my balance and I slipped backwards. I fell completely on my back. Everybody on set was laughing so hard, we had to stop rolling. But, I’m a goofball. I do stuff like that, I make people laugh all the time.

NR: Well, that’s good. Rather that than someone who just sits there and says nothing, you know?

Nikki Benz: Right, or like sometimes during a scene I’ll be fucking and I’ll be really into it. But I’ll just say something funny while I’m getting fucked and everybody starts laughing and we have to cut. I’m always saying something funny, I’m like the pornstar comedian.

NR: You’re pretty much just a giant goofball. That’s alright.

Nikki Benz: I am!

NR: There’s nothing wrong with that. Tell me about this. I just watched a video of you recently. You’re doing some promos for Fox Sports? I saw the commercial the other day when you’re in the French maid outfit and you’re in the office… I thought that was pretty good. Any plans to do more of those, what’s the story?

Nikki Benz: Yeah, well their plan was to bring on a better-known pornstar for one time and then that clip got a lot of views and so they called me back again. And then they called me back again. I just did one two days ago that’s going to air today. They were actually really disappointed to hear that I’m going away for two weeks because they were going to bring me back.

NR: They wanted to shoot more.

Nikki Benz: Yeah, they wanted to make me like a recurring character, but I travel so much it’s going to be tough.

NR: I know, you’re on the road so much. I heard you were in South Beach recently, is that true?

Nikki Benz: I was! I was there actually, working so much that I wanted to just take some time off and clear my mind and relax. Of course that didn’t happen because we just ended up going out and meeting up with all our South Beach friends. And having a great time!

NR: Did you guys go clubbing? Where’d you go while you were in Miami?

Nikki Benz: We stayed at the Delano and went to a club called Liv. We went to great restaurants; we went to Nobu and Prime 112 which was really good.

NR: Liv is one of my favorite spots, I love the Fontainebleau. Great spot.

Nikki Benz: It is! I love the fact that- you know, in Miami they mostly play techno music and that club, whoever the DJ was, was amazing because they had a mix of hip hop, pop and techno. So it wasn’t just all techno music.

NR: Yeah, I recommend Liv to anyone coming to South Beach. Now, where are you living these days? I know you’re on the road a lot, but where are you calling home right now?

Nikki Benz: Los Angeles.

NR: Los Angeles, that’s a little better than Toronto in January, huh?

Nikki Benz: Ohhhh yes. I’m allergic to winter! [laughs]

NR: Okay, well you’ve got tons of fans at and there’s tons of people who come to check out all your galleries and all your videos and your model info. I’m going to ask you a couple questions that we might not list on the website. What’s your favorite position?

Nikki Benz: Um, oh my gosh. It’s hard to pick just one but I’m gonna say doggy. I like 69-ing, too. I like it all. It’s…oh my gosh. If you told me that I could only, if I had to only do one position for the rest of my life, I would die. I love it all.

NR: You couldn’t handle it, huh? That would just be unacceptable.

Nikki Benz: No, I love it all. I love 69-in, missionary…you name it.

NR: Well, that’s a good thing. I think you’re in the right industry.

Nikki Benz: I think so, too [laughs].

NR: How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Nikki Benz: Um, I believe I was fifteen.

NR: You believe, you don’t even remember?

Nikki Benz: It was, somewhere when I turned fourteen to fifteen. I was fifteen, yeah.

NR: Okay, who is your favorite person to work with?

Nikki Benz: Boy or a girl?

NR: Boy and a girl.

Nikki Benz: Well, I don’t like to pick favorites because there’s a lot of them. But I have great chemistry with Alektra Blue. Whenever we have a girl/girl scene together, we have great chemistry. Gina Lynn is a lot of fun to work with, Puma Swede is a lot of fun to work with. As far as boys, I love love love working with Johnny Sins. He bangs the crap out of me. He’s just such a good fuck, oh my god. And I’ve worked with Jules Jordan one time and that’s one of my favorite scenes to date. And, who else? I’m going to have to say Tommy Gunn and Scott Nails.

NR: Alright. What about size? Does size really matter?

Nikki Benz: Well, if it’s too big. What a lot of guys don’t realize is that it hurts. Your vagina is designed to fit a six-and-a-half inch dick in it. Anything beyond that is poking your cervix and it hurts. So, I’m going to say my favorite size is between six to seven inches.

NR: I think a lot of your fans out there are going to smile when they hear that.

Nikki Benz: Well, the average penis is like, five to six and I think that’s perfect. Anything beyond that hurts. And that’s what a lot of guys don’t realize. It’s how you fuck, not how big your dick is.

NR: Absolutely, thank you for that confidence boost! Alright now, I’m going to give you a couple of quick questions, just fire away whatever pops into your head first, okay? Brunettes or blondes?

Nikki Benz: Blondes.

NR: What’s your favorite cereal?

Nikki Benz: Cheerios.

NR: Toronto or Kiev?

Nikki Benz: Toronto.

NR: Chocolate or sex?

Nikki Benz: Sex.

NR: Sex, really? No chocolate?

Nikki Benz: I love chocolate, but hell. I’ll take sex any day over chocolate.

NR: You’ve got to have sex over chocolate.

Nikki Benz: I get cranky if I don’t have a lot of sex! I don’t get cranky if I don’t have chocolate.

NR: Cranky if you don’t have sex, okay, I’m going to write that down. And I’m going to let you get going. I know you’re super busy. I just want you to know that everybody here at loves you and we’d love to do it again sometime.

Nikki Benz: Aww, thank you.

NR: Don’t be too surprised. We’re huge fans and you’ve got tons and tons of fans and I think you will for a long time.

Nikki Benz: Thank you, I appreciate it. Take care, bye sweetheart.

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