Abella Anderson

It seems being a Hispanic woman comes with one of the best stereotypes ever—being extremely hot.  Well, this is certainly the case with Abella Anderson, a Cuban hottie who brings the whole package with a fun, eager attitude included.  In spite of her luscious Latin origins, her perfectly tan skin is the divine balance between white and glowing beige.  But let’s cut to the chase—this girl is hot!  Her sensual curves are accentuated by the slender movements of her tight body.  Slithering across the bed like a sexy, seductive serpent, prepare yourself for when she turns around: a juicy, perfectly round ass greets you—and the look of temptation on Abella’s face reveals her desires.

As she rubs her breasts, which are large, round, and perfectly-portioned, she’ll bite her lips under the purple shades of her made-up eyelashes.  Her black hair whips wildly while being banged or gagging on cock.  Abella gives you the intensity of desperately desiring dick, while being quick to submit and let a man dominate her.  Few porn stars reach this level of ultra-sexiness, so be grateful and indulge in her bountiful beauty.  Bringing the best of all worlds together into a package that seldom disappoints, Abella is a promising porn star that will surpass your expectations and likely have you satisfied before the credits roll.  You can catch her in a variety of sexual situations, including anal, threesomes, solos, and more!

Bang Bros. offers her most recent release titled “Fuck Team 5 19” where Abella Anderson can be found crazily craving cock in a huge gangbang.

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Rachel Starr

Is it seriously possible for a body to be as perfectly sculpted as Rachel Starr’s?  If you’re not sure who this babe is, go check her out now.  What you’ll find is a living, breathing, cock-hungry woman whose slender curves would make a Barbie Doll jealous—sheer perfection!  Let’s get right to the bottom of this—her bottom is a perfectly round, plump, yet perky work of art, a literal hand-crafted wonder from heaven.  Okay, I don’t mean to get spiritual on you here, but Rachel Starr is sure to bring you right to the light of your climaxing orgasm real quick!

But before we get totally lost in the blessed curves of Rachel’s ass, let’s give her the much deserved credit for the rest of what she has to offer.  It’s not often I find myself marveling at a woman’s thighs, but in this case, you’d be blind not to drool.  Starr has got the perfect thighs which, when viewed from the front, reveal complimentary curves leading to her tight pussy.  Look upwards and you’ll be greeted by two bouncy breasts which, although fake, will pull your erection closer to the screen.  But look upwards just a little bit more and you’ll see the face atop this wondrous woman: pure sexy—no cuteness here—just all-out sex-seeking slut staring at you with bright eyes.  In essence: Rachel Starr has got all the goods to get you going and going…until you’re gone!

Rachel Starr’s 2012 release of “Girls Only 3 Way #2” will offer you the lesbian action you thirst for, co-starring Alexis Texas, Kayden Faye, Priscilla, and Scarlet Pain.

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Austin Taylor

Every once in a while, you just love nothing more than a sexy white girl with a huge, round ass.  In such times of need, there’s one woman who can give you just that: Austin Taylor.  You may recognize this name from the archives of online pornography, and you may remember having seen this blonde babe with the bouncy bottom—you can’t forget it once you’ve see it!

So let’s go through the “Sexy Chick Checklist” and see if Austin qualifies.  Sexy and seductive face? Check!  Cock-hungry look in her eyes?  Check!  Lips that go perfect around a cock?  Check!  Wait, which lips are we referring to here?  Well, both of her lips qualify.  Seriously, go take a look at Austin Taylor’s wonderful little pussy lips, which she loves to play with and spread open, revealing the perfectly pink insides where heaven on Earth awaits!  Okay, back to the checklist.  Round and perky tits?  Check!  Wonderfully womanly waistline?  Check!  Amazing, astounding, astronomical ass?  Check!  Check!  Check!  Austin Taylor qualifies with ease, and performs incredibly well in the “Ass” category.  As if this whole package of pink perfection wasn’t enough, she can also perform on camera like you wouldn’t believe.  Let’s just face it: Austin entertains in a fluid, stress-free way as if she’s never stressed from work or anything like that.  But hey, you know what they say: when you love what you do, you never work another day in your life.

Most recently, you can get a look at Austin Taylor doing what she loves in the 2012 release of “Tons of White Ass 2.”

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Jada Stevens

Jada Stevens: what might possibly be the most blessed balance between a cute, horny face, all-natural medium-sized breasts, and a fat, out-of-control ass.  No wonder she became a porn star; no woman this perfectly hot should live a life without documenting her beautiful body in as many films as possible.  And trust me: there’re plenty of films to choose from!

Not even the small, isolated town of Snellville, Georgia where Jada was born could keep her away from the spotlights of porn.  And frankly, there’s no better place than adult films for her to showcase her astounding ass and naughty need for cock.  Believe me, she needs it!  You will see Jada crave cock as she crams it into her mouth, pussy, and ass with a slightly innocent indulgence, as if every time is her first time.  And based on her young, tight body, you’d think it was her first time.

This is actually part of the reason why you will probably hit the stop button and ask yourself, “how does this small-town girl from Georgia forget about her past and embrace her ass without even a second-thought?”  There is nothing out-of-place about Jada, who totally embraces her sexy body and her naughty love for sex without a second-guess.  You’re getting the best of both worlds—well, actually, the best of all three worlds: cute face, medium natural tits, and an ass so amazing you’d wish you could crawl through the monitor and touch it!

Most recently, you can find Jada Stevens getting her huge ass pounded in “Anal Junkies on Cock 3”.

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Sara Jay

You know, there’s no mistaking it when you see a woman who just loves her job: the bright glint of passion in her eyes, the lips slightly bit with temptation, and the all-out expression of love for sex.  Sara Jay, a thirty-five-year-old beauty who maintains a sexual legacy in the industry despite her age, is a woman who still loves to fuck, suck, and surrender to sexual fantasies that will leave you stumbling for words by the time the credits roll.

Despite all the wonderful sex scenes you can find with Sara as she devours penis with a lasting lust, you’d be shocked to know that she does not do anal.  Although this might be a downside in your book, at least you can put your imagination to good use and fantasize what it’d be like to give Sara the anal-pounding-pleasure you’d love to give!  Ironically, in spite of the fact that she is not “anally accessible”, this passionate performer is known for her ass—just look at it!  Let the white skin of this babe be the perfectly-lit color to reveal the round ass that is her primary asset—unless you love huge breasts!  There’s another plus from Sara: her bouncy boobs, although not naturals, are the perfect compliment to her straw-blonde hair, slim white body, and the juicy ass she is known for.

You can expose Sara Jay’s most recent sex scenes in her 2012 release of “Sumthin’ ‘Bout Sara Jay.”  I can tell you this: in spite of Sara’s age, one thing is for sure: her ass is still one of the best ones out there!

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Tory Lane!

Brace yourself: this is one intensely sexual woman!  Tory Lane, one of the most well-known porn stars in the industry, brings you the show-stopping body of a lifetime ballerina dancer with a viciously horny love for cock that sets her apart from the rest.  I mean, if you just put aside her persistent—sometimes piercing—passion for penis, you’re still left with one sexy slut: a hot face leads down to slender shoulders, and beneath those is the prize: her round rack to relish, and those nice little nipples topping them off like the cherry on top of a milkshake.  But let’s continue downward: turn her around and take a look at Tory’s shapely, scrumptious ass—you might be tempted to take a bite out of it—but be warned: you will be susceptible to her seductive nature, which she can use to hypnotize, and then commandeer, the intimacy!

That’s right: Tory Lane is the epitome of a nymphomaniac, she is exactly what you might picture when you think of one.  Somehow, she can find the perfect balance between sexy submissiveness and an intense craving for cock that urges her into a state of impatient desire, usually resulting in her demanding and commanding for rough sex.  And this is where the wonder and excitement of Tory Lane is showcased: her seductive eyes reveal her intense thirst for sex, but once the action starts, her desperate desires intensify—and now, you can be apart of this erotic experience at the push of the play button!

As recent as 2012, Tory Lane can be found in a newly released DVD titled “Anal Boot Camp”, as well as in her scheduled “live shows.”

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Eva Angelina

Warning: Do NOT let her secretary glasses deceive you—there are no formalities when Eva Angelina is naked and craving cock!  This is a porn star who will bring you a tempting platter of features: hot body, bright and seductive eyes, and a genuine love for sex.  Eva is known for wearing glasses, though in recent years she’s been seen wearing them less and less.  In either case: who cares?!  You see, over the years, she has gone through a gradual maturing process, back from her early days in porn as an eighteen-year-old to where she is now: a twenty-three-year-old with beautiful (yet fake) breasts, cute ass, and an overall sexy body.

Most recently, this tattooed hottie is most recognized for her haircut (yes, her haircut): one side of her head is trimmed short, and the rest of her wild black hair swings all over the place while being vigorously fucked.  It might sound crazy, but this is a crazy, uncontrollable girl!  Her puffy, meaty pussy lips are beautiful little flower buds of innocence waiting to be exploited by whatever tongue, finger, cock, or toy gets near.  Eva has ventured into all kinds of sexual territories, including anal, blowbang, bukake, double-penetration, and gangbangs.  As if all this hotness and all this variety were not enough, you will also be pleased by her genuine enthusiasm on camera, where she does not hesitate to scream and squeal with pleasure.

Eva Angelina’s most recent release on June 11, 2012 is titled “Eva Angelina and Tory Lane – Bring on the Threesomes!”

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Alexis Texas

They say “everything’s bigger in Texas”…well, the State of Texas should consider making this porn star their spokesperson!  Alexis Texas: imagine a beautiful white girl: straw-blonde hair, blue-gray eyes, and a Barbie-doll facial composition that is enough to arouse most men.  Now, add to that image a round, bubbly, bouncy ass that defies gravity as it stays suspended with perfect circular shapeliness.  If you already stained your pants, then you have successful envisioned Alexis Texas—a very famous porn star who is shattering the old stereotype that “only black girls can have the juiciest asses.”

It seems Alexis Texas has a little bit for everyone.  Not a fan of a huge, thick ass?  Then maybe you’ll love her perfectly natural, perky little tits—certainly small in comparison to her ass, but they add nice variety to her.  It’s almost as if Alexis—this small-town girl from Texas—could not keep her voluptuous nature concealed despite her “white-girl” face and perky little tits.  The round, bouncy bottom on this babe always gave it away: this is a girl who developed an ass for a reason: to show it off to the rest of the world!  Aren’t you lucky?

Alexis Texas mostly does one-on-one porn, has only a handful of anal scenes, and does not do interracial.  Although these may seem like limitations, they increase the value of those little gems you might find as you surf the internet, stumbling upon those rare anal scenes.  Her most recent release is “Girls of Bangbros #10: Alexis Texas” and it’s a real ride!

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