The Idol Of Most Heterosexual Men: Peter North

Peter North has decided to answer a few questions from the NudeReviews staffers, and boy oh boy did he deliver. I would like to make it clear, that reading this twice is in your best interest. Twice, or even three times. Take notes and breathe deeply…

(Mr. North’s answers are in bold)

1.    Let’s begin with the question your fans still always want to know: how do you manage those unbelievable cumshots?

Being as horny as I can be.

2.    Have you ever considered publishing a diet and exercise manual for men looking to shoot a load as impressive as yours?

I’ve thought about it, yes, and I may down the road

3.    Were you a big ice hockey fan growing up in Canada? Tell us about the Peter North Stars.

Absolutely!  The Peter North Stars are a hockey team that named themselves after me, and I am very flattered for that, and they are actually a very good team, and they’ve won a lot of tournaments in their league.

4.    You’ve said you fell into the porn industry by accident. What were you doing before you started and what were your other plans, if adult entertainment wasn’t originally in the cards?  Can you envision what you’d be doing today if you hadn’t started in porn?

Before Porn, I was doing various sales jobs.  Unfortunately I did not have a journalistic background, but I would like to have done some sort of Sports Journalism, had I not gotten into the adult business.  Because sports journalism requires a specific education, if I was not in porn today, I would be excelling in a Sales job of some kind.

5.    What was the reaction amongst your friends and family when they realized what you were doing for a living?

My friends were surprised but they thought it was pretty cool. My family was surprised, but were a little upset, but they know I am the same person they’ve always known, so they got over it.  It’s called unconditional love.

6.    You’ve made a very successful transition from adult performer to director, producer and entrepreneur.   What the secret to your success?

Keeping up with the changes in the industry and trying to do something a little different, or a variety of things, that appeal to the masses.

7.    What do you enjoy more, performing or the business end of porn?

Both are equal.

8.    We are pretty sure that every guy between the ages of 18-40 knows who you are, almost like an athlete or politician.  Do you often get recognized on the street or when you’re out?


9.    We heard you’re going to be releasing new exclusive videos to your website What can you tell us about them? What can fans expect in terms of new content on your website in 2010?

I am releasing 4 videos per month right now…..In 2010, expect to see a lot more HD Scenes, Live Chat, and Live Sex Shows.

10.   Do you have any other new projects in the works that you’d like to tell us about?

Possibly some new series, one maybe based on a reality show, a Documentary, a Toy Line, and possibly some mainstream media appearances.

11.   You have an active MySpace account, a Twitter and a fan page on Facebook, as well as two official websites. What’s your opinion on the way the porn industry has changed over the years and where do you see it going?

The porn industry must survive the onslaught of Free Porn sites and file sharing sites.  As for the wave of the future, my focus is on Broadcast and Wireless, which I see both playing an important role in the future of porn.  I also see Social Media Marketing playing an important role in the future of branding….using sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to keep my brand alive and interact with my fan base in a way I never could.

12.   You’re a legend, and someone many young entertainers look up to. What advice can you offer to younger male talent in the industry, or to men who are looking to get into porn?

Find a pretty girl who will enter-into the business that you can team-up with.  Do an amateur video, and send it to the agencies.  If it’s a good scene, you have a shot.  Make it natural, be confident in what you’re doing, and don’t try too hard.

13.   Is there anyone you never got the chance to work with that you wish you had?

Sasha Grey, Sylvia Saint, Tera Patrick, Racquel Darrian, and Nikki Dial

14.   One could make a case that you are arguably one of the most recognizable names and faces in porn history.  Do you attribute that to ability, prevalence, or a combination of both?

I attribute it to overall package – staying in shape, having a good attitude, being passionate in my scenes, having the energy for the scenes, and finally, the biggest thing is the pop shot.

17.   What was it that allowed you to become the go-to-guy in the industry for so long?

Aside from the last answer, being able to cum on command

18.   Looking back, would you change anything?

Yes, I would have started doing my own productions in the early 90’s, rather than the late 90’s

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