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Sunny Leone didn’t invite me to her slumber party, but we did chat on the phone recently.  She has to be one of the most laid back girls in the biz, and everyone at Nude Reviews digs her chill persona.  Listen to her dish on the iPhone app, pasta and doggystyle.  And yes, pasta and doggystyle go hand-in-hand.

Part one:

Part two:

Sunny Leone: Hello?

NudeReviews: Hey, Sunny, it’s Mack at How are you?

Sunny Leone: Good, how are you?

NR:I’m good, thanks for taking a little time out to talk to us. How’s everything?

Sunny Leone: Great, thank you.

NR:Good, we’re good. We’re down in Florida, so enjoying a little sunshine and warm weather in the winter is always a good thing, you know?

Sunny Leone: Nice.

NR:So, what have you been up to lately?

Sunny Leone: Just…working a lot.

NR:Working a lot, busy busy.

Sunny Leone: Yeah.

NR:How’s the iPhone app going. What’s the early feedback so far?

Sunny Leone: Oh, it’s been great. We have two versions, one’s a free version and one’s a pay version for $0.99. and I mean, it’s…ever day it’s so many more sign-ups from the last day. It’s very exciting. I just like saying that I’m the first [laughs].

NR:I was just going to say, you’re kind of considered the pioneer of the iPhone app, that’s awesome. That’s a big deal, without a doubt.

Sunny Leone: Yeah, I’m excited.

NR:So, I saw that “Sunny’s Slumber Party” is still doing real well, congrats.

Sunny Leone: Thank you! We’re so excited that everybody’s liking the movie and that it’s on the charts, you know. It’s fun to see when your flipping through the magazine on chart reviews and movie reviews…it’s exciting.

NR:I believe it’s still in the top ten on AVN.

Sunny Leone: Yeah! We’re so excited.

NR:So, what’s next? I know you’re always busy busy, but what’s on the horizon?

Sunny Leone: Well, we’re working on launching a new site and I’m also coming out with two new series, DVD series. One’s called “The Pussy Eating Club,” and that’s going to be out within the next month. And then also, “Sunny Loves HD Porn” is another series where I have non-sexual moments and they’re basically all my favorite scenes and scenes that we’re shooting and directing. I directed the movies and it should be good. It’s finally a step in a different direction for myself you know, behind the camera and hopefully everybody will like them.

NR:I see some bigger name girls making that step behind the camera, whether it’s directing or producing. Is that something you see yourself doing more and more of? Getting away from being on camera or do you think you still want to do a little bit of both?

Sunny Leone: I don’t think I’ll ever not be on camera, at least for a while so you know, my fans are always going to get to see me in films. For at least…you know, for a while. I don’t know how many years but as long as my face, my body and my appearance holds up, then that’s what I’m going to be doing.

NR:I think you’ll be fine for a long time, don’t worry. You’ve got a unique look, you’ve got a very unique background for this industry. Indian and you were born in Canada, right?

Sunny Leone: I was.

NR:And what was growing up there like?

Sunny Leone: It was fun. I grew up, my whole childhood until the age of fourteen was in Canada so it was playing sports all year long, playing in the snow…my parents were always really good about keeping me and my brother busy through the year with different activities. I loved it, it was amazing.

NR:It’s a little different from California, to say the least.

Sunny Leone: Yeah, California was like, a huge culture shock. Especially at the age of fourteen.

NR:I can imagine, especially after living in Canada. So, what was your last job before you got into the industry? How did you make your way into the business?

Sunny Leone: The last job I had was, um…I worked at like a teacher’s retirement company. Where all the agents that worked there, they helped teachers out with their retirement, they went from school to school. I did a little bit of everything in that office from answering the phones to filing to human resources to a bit of accounting. I was hopping around to every section of the office. I had a lot of fun. I was the youngest one there and they were all older women [laughs]. And all the older women liked to gossip all day long and they would tell me things that they wouldn’t tell the person in the other office. I would just run around all day and I had a blast working there.

NR:So you had all the inside juice on the office?

Sunny Leone: [laughs] Yeah, well. I mean, you stick twelve women in one office and there’s gonna be gossip.

NR:Yeah, they’re gonna talk for sure. So then what led you into the business? Was it a friend, was it modeling, what was it?

Sunny Leone: It was a girl in my English college class and she was a dancer, an erotic dancer. A stripper I guess. And she told me about an agent that…well it wasn’t an agent, she said it was a photographer. I went and checked him out and it was an agent and he was really nice and really respectful for our industry and played his cards right. And I was like, alright, I could maybe do this and that was it.

NR:Did you ever think, right out of the gates, that you could be at the point you are today? I mean, I know it’s tough to answer that, but did you ever think you’d get this big?

Sunny Leone: Oh, no. No, never. When I posed for Penthouse, I still didn’t understand what it meant to be a Penthouse Pet.

NR:That’s a big deal!

Sunny Leone: Yeah, it’s a big deal. There’s only twelve a year and there’s only, what is it? Like 25 to 30 Penthouse Pets of the Year, I forget how many years Penthouse has been in business. But there’s only, you know, 30 or so of them of all the years of Penthouse being in business, so that’s really exciting.

NR:Yeah, that’s a hell of a club to be a member of.

Sunny Leone: [laughs] Yeah, I’m waiting for the Penthouse Pet of the Year reunion, they should totally have one of those.

NR:Oh, that would be dangerous.

Sunny Leone: I think it would be fun.

NR:Oh, I know it would be fun, but to get all those girls together it could be, yeah…it would be quite a night.

Sunny Leone: Well, you’d have everything from the last, what, two generations? Two or three generations of women?

NR:I think you should get in touch with somebody and make that happen.

Sunny Leone: Yeah, that’s a good idea, good job [laughs].

NR:[laughs] Thank you. If you remember, just send me the invite, okay?

Sunny Leone: I will.

NR:What do you see yourself doing in five to ten years. I know we touched on directing before, but, any major changes. You kind of said you don’t see yourself off camera for a while. You said as long as your looks hold up. But do you ever just think ten years from now you’ll just be retired completely. What are your thoughts on that?

Sunny Leone: Well, I hope in ten years you’re not still going to see me in front of the camera, that just doesn’t seem right to me. There’s always that point where a woman’s got to hang her heels up and do something else. Um, I think I’ll continue being in the adult industry for a really long time. At least in the next five years for sure, ten you never know. I mean, I want to be married, I want to have children and I want to do everything like that, but…it will slowly transition into me not being in front of the camera. Right now my partner and I are establishing our production company, you know? Selling movies and figuring out everything we can do in the adult industry and make a lot of money, I guess.

NR:Yeah, and you’re trying not to think too far ahead, beyond just…you’ve got a lot of good things on the table right now. Just making them better every day and just take it from there, right?

Sunny Leone: Yeah and, in reality, I’ve just started. I just launched the company a little over a year ago. We’re a company that’s only one year old and we have a lot of the top people in the industry working with us and we have great people who are giving us advice and helping us. We’ve learned so much even just shooting our second movie, we learned so much. So we’re still a brand new company trying to make it in this industry and I believe it will.

NR:You’ve got a ton of fans in this industry already and they’re incredibly loyal to you, I know that. Do you try to incorporate some of their feedback into future projects as well, to keep them happy?

Sunny Leone: Of course. We do as much as we can, I mean, as far as an adult entertainer I haven’t really done a whole lot. I’ve just done your basic boy/girl [laughs]. I haven’t done anything crazy. And you know, I didn’t shoot a lot of boy/girl or girl/girl for any company other than Vivid. I’m shooting girl/girl for selective people now but still, it’s very selective. It’s not everybody and their mom [laughs]. So I still haven’t given everything out there yet. So I still have some longevity left in me.

NR:Oh, I think you do, too. Don’t worry about that. Is there anything that you want to do soon, that you haven’t done yet? Anything that you’re dying to try or perform in, anything like that?

Sunny Leone: Um, I think. You know, as much as I want to make huge big budget films, I’m an artist at heart and I want to make something beautiful and pleasing to my eyes. Whether the fans like it or not, I have to take into consideration everything that they want, plus everything that I want, and what makes sense for the business as well.

NR:Well, I think you’re at a point, too- even though you said you’re early in your career, I think your fans are already so loyal that they’re going to be happy with anything you come out with. Everything I’ve read and I’ve seen, you’ve got a very impressive fan following so congratulations, without a doubt.

Sunny Leone: Aw, thank you.

NR:Let me give you a couple of quick ones. What’s your favorite food?

Sunny Leone: Italian. Pasta.

NR:Italian? You gonna do a big bowl of pasta?

Sunny Leone: Yeah, carbs are my enemy but I love them.

NR:What about your favorite position?

Sunny Leone: Doggy.

NR:Off camera, on camera or doesn’t matter?

Sunny Leone: Both.

NR:What’s your favorite movie?

Sunny Leone: My favorite movie…what is it. I answered this question last night. I always find it hard because I always find new stuff that I like. What’s it called…oh, Gia.


Sunny Leone: Yeah, I love that movie. For me, to watch a movie that’s so, the cinematography is really nice and it’s beautiful and it’s sexy, you know? It’s a compelling story.

NR:You really are an artist at heart, I can see it. What about a dream vacation spot? A place you haven’t been that you’re dying to go.

Sunny Leone: Um, I want to go to the Maltese Islands.

NR:Okay, very nice. And what about your favorite song or music group?

Sunny Leone: Oh, this is hard. I love all sorts of music…I love…I love Etta James.

NR:Etta James, yeah? Can you sing a little “At Last” for me?

Sunny Leone: [laughs] Uh, no.

NR:Not gonna happen, huh?

Sunny Leone: No [laughs].

NR:Ah well, it would have been fun if you did, though. But alright, I’m going to let you get going. I know you’re busy.

Sunny Leone: Thank you, it’s been nice talking to you.

NR:Everyone at loves you and we just want to say good luck with everything, okay?

Sunny Leone: Aw, thank you.

NR:And I hope we can talk to you soon, okay Sunny?

Sunny Leone: Sounds good, nice talking to you. Bye!

NR:Take care.

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