Codi Bryant Interview…Cont.

Codi Bryant: Hello?

Nude Reviews: Codi, hey, it’s Mack at Nude Reviews, how are you?

Codi Bryant: Hey, I’m good. How are you?

NR: I’m good. Is this a little better time now?

Codi Bryant: Yeah, this is perfect. I’m not busy at all.

NR: I caught you at work last night, huh?

Codi Bryant: Yeah [laughs].

NR: No big deal. So how’s everything going, alright?

Codi Bryant: Everything is fine. I finally made it out to LA and I’m here.

NR: So what’s on the docket while you’re out there? What are you working on?

Codi Bryant: Umm, I have a thing to do with Playboy TV and then I’m doing some trades, some content trades with somebody.  So I’m pretty excited.

NR: Always on the go, right?

Codi Bryant: Always.

NR: What have you been working on lately? What are some of your projects?

Codi Bryant: Well, we just got through Titty Sweat 2, with Vince Voyeur Unleashed. That came out in the beginning of November, or the middle of November. And then, what else? I’m still shooting. I did some things for some internet companies. I’m constantly doing something. And my website.

NR: What’s the feedback on the website?

Codi Bryant: Well, I’m not letting anybody see it yet. I’m working on it like, as we speak. I have the webmaster working on it. But, I mean, I’ve seen a little bit of it and I like it. I’m happy with it. All the content has not been shot for it, which is why I’m here shooting, you know, doing the trades and stuff. And when that gets all shot and put together, then I’m going to make it a paysite. Right now, we’re going to do a little informational thing, where people can go and find out about me.

NR: I think the fans will love it, either way. They’re going to love it. It gives them closer access to you and a good way for you to communicate with them, too.

Codi Bryant: Yeah, exactly.

NR: What got you into the business? How did it all start?

Codi Bryant: Well, it started pretty much when I was growing up. I always wanted to be a model, I always wanted to be glamorous. But it just didn’t happen immediately. And so, like a year or so ago, I started doing some urban glamour type modeling. Just doing little urban men’s magazines and websites and stuff. And that was just not….I mean, it was fun, but you just don’t make any money. It’s a lot of BS. So I got some offers to do porn and at first I was like, there’s no way I’ll ever do porn, forget it.  You know, it’s not me [laughs]. But yeah,  but they kept talking to me and I researched it and I was like, you know what? I can do it. It’s nothing too crazy! And then I tried it and I loved it.

NR: What was the first time like?

Codi Bryant: Oh, the first time was so scary. It was frightening, I didn’t know what was going on.

NR: It can be a little nerve wracking, right?

Codi Bryant: Oh my God [laughs]. We…it was just a couple of POV scenes.  It was just me and the director and it was really comfortable. So, you know, this wasn’t a whole lot going on. But it was enough to get me kind of frazzled. But once I got comfortable with him and what we were doing, I was fine and I loved it.  And then right after that I went to LA and started shooting.

NR: Headed out to California and that was it, huh? What’s been the best part so far about working in the industry?

Codi Bryant: The best part…is I still get to take pictures. I really, really like the modeling aspect of it and I can meet the fans. I’m always – I think it’s so funny every time someone writes me and says they’re a fan of mine or they like what I do. I just think it’s so funny because, I’d do it anyway whether they see it or not, you know what I mean? But it’s funny, I like that part of it.

NR: Well, I know you have a lot of fans and I know they’d be disappointed if you stopped doing what you’re doing.  But do you see yourself still doing this in five years, ten years?  Do you see yourself on the other side of the camera? What are you thinking about for the future?

Codi Bryant: Um, for the future, I’ll probably still just want to perform because I like being in front of the camera so well. I do like the production aspect of it, but as far as me holding a camera or anything like that, no.

NR: Not gonna happen anytime soon?

Codi Bryant: No, not gonna happen. But you know, I do like – since I’ve been working on my website – I do kind of like trying to figure out which pictures [to use] and editing and stuff like that. That aspect is kind of cool.

NR: Yeah, managing all that content, of course. You want to be involved in that. It’s going to be your website and ultimately it should be up to you, right?  Are you going to have some interactive aspects on the site so you can really communicate with the fans?

Codi Bryant: I am. I’m going to do webcam stuff for my fans, I’ll have a little forum and discussion board and all that so they can get to know me…yeah, I’ll be really interactive with my fans.

NR: That’s awesome. Now, you’re not- are you in California full time or are you splitting time still?

Codi Bryant: Yeah, I’m splitting time. I haven’t fully committed to making the move out here. I don’t know when or if I’m going to do it. It’s kind of scary.

NR: Where are you from originally?

Codi Bryant: Oklahoma City.

NR: Oh, you gotta get out to California, come on!

Codi Bryant: [laughs]

NR: Seriously, come on. That’s a no brainer.

Codi Bryant: You know what, it is a no brainer. Some days- when I flew out here I was like, I was just here. It makes no sense that I have to keep going back and forth.

NR: I think once you get the site up and everything’s going, you should just make the move to LA full time.

Codi Bryant: Yeah, I think that’s what will happen, honestly.

NR: And you can look back on it and thank Mack at It was my advice and it will be perfect.

Codi Bryant: Thank you [laughs]. I appreciate that advice.

NR: Now, you grew up in Oklahoma as well and you’re still there, that’s right?

Codi Bryant: I grew up there and when I was younger, my dad died and we lived in Inglewood, which is out here in LA. But we were just always in the hood. And then after that, my mom moved back to Oklahoma and a little bit after that I moved back, too.

NR: Well, you’ll be back in Cali soon, I have no doubt.

Codi Bryant: Yeah, I belong here. The weather’s much nicer.

NR: Yeah, you can’t beat it. Now, what about the industry…if you could change one thing. Have there been any major disappointments so far or is there one aspect you could change…if you had to critique the industry, what would it be?

Codi Bryant: Um, I don’t know. I think they should do a little something extra just to protect everybody’s health more, just because it is so risky, you know what I mean?

NR: I agree.

Codi Bryant: It could be something with that. I don’t know if that means making everybody wear condoms or just testing everybody for everything, I mean. I don’t know what that looks like, but that would be a change I’d like to see.

NR: Well, I know it’s gotten a lot better and I think that’s something a lot of the major production companies and a lot of the bigger websites are moving in that direction if they aren’t there already. But I agree with you one hundred percent.

Codi Bryant: Yeah.

NR: Has there been anybody that you haven’t worked with yet, that you’d like to?

Codi Bryant: Oh, yes! [laughs]

NR: Oh boy, who?

Codi Bryant: Lots of people! I’ve just started scratching the surface.

NR: Who’s been the best so far? Who’s been your favorite so far?

Codi Bryant: My favorite person male is Johnny Sins because he’s so awesome and he’s such a sweetie. He’s been my favorite by far.

NR: And what about down the road. Who would you like to work with?

Codi Bryant: Down the road, let’s see…down the road I want to work with this new guy Bill Bailey. And as far as females go, Jada Fire.

NR: Sure, she’s a big name, absolutely.

Codi Bryant: Yeah, you know. Just the girls that I actually like to watch like Bella Donna [sighs]. There’s so many.

NR: Everybody loves Bella Donna.

Codi Bryant: She’s such a nice lady and she’s just such a good performer.

NR: I hear that from everybody I interview. Now, are you going to be in Vegas for the AVNs?

Codi Bryant: I will be!

NR: Yeah, you excited? It’s a crazy week.

Codi Bryant: I’m excited. We’ll see what happens, we’ll see if I can keep up. I’m gonna try!

NR: Were you there last year?

Codi Bryant: No, this is my first year ever doing it.

NR: Ah, you’re an AVN virgin.

Codi Bryant: I am! Someone needs to come and pop my cherry!

NR: [laughs] I think somebody there can take care of that, don’t worry.

Codi Bryant: [laughs]

NR: Alright listen, Codi, I’m going to let you get going. I want you to know that everybody at is a big fan and we wish you the best and I appreciate you giving us a little bit of time.

Codi Bryant: Thank you so much for letting me talk, I appreciate it.

NR: Absolutely. Have fun in California, have fun in Vegas and we’ll be keeping an eye out for you, okay?

Codi Bryant: Okay, thank you!

NR: Take care.

Codi Bryant: Take care, bye bye.

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