Jada Stevens

Jada Stevens: what might possibly be the most blessed balance between a cute, horny face, all-natural medium-sized breasts, and a fat, out-of-control ass.  No wonder she became a porn star; no woman this perfectly hot should live a life without documenting her beautiful body in as many films as possible.  And trust me: there’re plenty of films to choose from!

Not even the small, isolated town of Snellville, Georgia where Jada was born could keep her away from the spotlights of porn.  And frankly, there’s no better place than adult films for her to showcase her astounding ass and naughty need for cock.  Believe me, she needs it!  You will see Jada crave cock as she crams it into her mouth, pussy, and ass with a slightly innocent indulgence, as if every time is her first time.  And based on her young, tight body, you’d think it was her first time.

This is actually part of the reason why you will probably hit the stop button and ask yourself, “how does this small-town girl from Georgia forget about her past and embrace her ass without even a second-thought?”  There is nothing out-of-place about Jada, who totally embraces her sexy body and her naughty love for sex without a second-guess.  You’re getting the best of both worlds—well, actually, the best of all three worlds: cute face, medium natural tits, and an ass so amazing you’d wish you could crawl through the monitor and touch it!

Most recently, you can find Jada Stevens getting her huge ass pounded in “Anal Junkies on Cock 3”.

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