I Have Another G.I.F.T. For You…

Rilee FTV

The g.i.f.t. that keeps on giving…the Nude Reviews blog.

This is Rilee and honestly that’s all I know.  But part of me thinks that is enough right?  Be on the lookout for this young minx in the upcoming months.  She is a newbie on FTV Girls and I have no choice but to believe the caption on this pic…Let’s just hope October is over tomorrow.  Alas, November’s FTV Girl: Rilee!

Seriously though, how hot is this girl?  She could probably save the whales with a smile and fix world hunger with one hair flip.  I used to fear girls like this but now I embrace them for all of their splendor.  Enjoy…

*G.I.F.T. (Girl I Found Today)


Amateur porn from Bang Bros_1253732757405

G.I.F.T. = Girl I Found Today

The holidays may be months away, but I would like to give you a present…a G.I.F.T., a “Girl I Found Today” and it is imperative that you take 5 minutes out of your day and stare at her.  This is Lisa Lee and I am pretty sure she can rock my world and potentially cause an 8.3 magnitude earthquake in the process.  I watched some footage of her and it was marvelous. She is already a pro and I am officially a fan!

Stay tuned for weekly G.I.F.T.’s – for more Lisa Lee check with the good fellas at Bangbros.