This Could Be The “Sextiest” Pic I’ve Seen…


I wanna Sext you up…

What’s the big deal with sexting?  I am all for it and I think it is a fantastic way to stay detached from any real emotional involvement with the opposite sex.  Not only do I advocate sexting, hell, I will even give you a few pointers.  It is 2010, and to think that sexting is negative or taboo just won’t fly with me.  Is it a distraction for the youth of America?  I suppose it could be, but so is geometry.

Just Keep On Tanning…You Look Really, Really Hot

What the F

Look Away…

What the fuck is that?  It cannot be human.  I am sorry if this offends the three Jordan Blue fans left in the world, but seriously, what the fuck is that?  I see E.T. sitting on a couch between two guys trying to figure out just what it is they are about to stick their dicks into.  Neither one of those fellas can be at all excited about the prospect of fucking that.  This must have been comparable to working the holiday graveyard shift at triple overtime pay.  There is just no other way that either one of them would have agreed to this on standard wages.  They shot this in a laboratory somewhere; specimens like that aren’t allowed in public.  The Boogeyman probably checks underneath his bed for Jordan Blue.  Someone will see this image and shortly thereafter succumb to a syncopal episode.  I dare you to stare at this picture and hold your lunch down at the same time.  Impossible.

Just remember, at NudeReviews, we love all porn; but sometimes…

“Believe Me, It’s 13 Inches Long…I’ll Show Ya”

Big John Edwards

Vote for me, my dick is huge…

Word on the street: John Edwards has a monster dong.  This coming after reports of a sex-tape he made with his adulterous counterpart, Rielle Hunter, surfaced.  I love it.  Not only did this guy cheat on his wife and deceive millions, but he documented it, like any moron would in that situation.  Toss all of the accolades out of the window, strip the mantle of every honor bestowed upon you, John; and simply place the DVD above your fireplace.  You have entered into that uncertain realm of ‘man, that’s crazy’ and ‘this guy is truly a douche’.  Not many can pull it off, but you seem to tackle the difficulties with remarkable precision and that dreamy Carolina smile.  I guess the old ‘sneaky politician’ moniker is still safe for a while.  Back to the sex-tape though, intriguing, right?  Rumors are swirling about Edwards’ member and its porn-like stature.  If it’s as big as the reports are indicating, it may need its own separate story.  This guy needs an E True Hollywood Story, yesterday.  I don’t even think he has to agree to it, just whip something together E Channel.

An Ass That Won’t Quit…And A Personality To Match It

Nude Reviews was lucky enough to chat with several stars before they made the trek to Vegas for the AVNs.  Sara Jay gave us a little time to chat while she was on the road working.  There is much more to this sexy lady besides amazingly gargantuan breasts and a serious appetite for sex.  We talked about her early stripping days in Cincinnati, the problems with the industry, her aspirations for and yes, alright, her huge boobs.  Don’t judge me, they are exquisite and you know it! 

Part one:

[jwplayer config=”Interview Player” mediaid=”11040″]

Part two:

[jwplayer config=”Interview Player” mediaid=”11042″]

Sara Jay: Hi, it’s Sara Jay.

Nude Reviews:
Hey Sara, its Mack from, how are you?

Sara Jay:
I’m good, how are you?

I’m good, what’s going on?

Sara Jay:

I missed you last night.

Sara Jay:
I know, you were calling from an unknown number and didn’t leave a message.

What kind of person doesn’t answer unknown numbers?

Sara Jay:

I’m just messing with you.

Sara Jay:

So, what’s going on, what have you been up to?

Sara Jay:
Just working hard. Just finished up my cam show.

I know you travel a lot, where are you at right now?

Sara Jay:
I’m in DC.

Okay, that’s not bad.

Sara Jay: Yeah.

NR: Now you’re originally from Ohio, right?

Sara Jay: I am.

NR: What was it like growing up there?


This Is One Way To Avoid That Hefty Cover Charge

Horny and pissed off…

This story is amazing.  A goat broke down the glass doors at a strip club in California and tore the place apart while the club was closed.  This is unprecedented in the strip club world; I am referring to the destruction, not so much the goat’s presence.  I certainly don’t think this is the first time a goat has been inside of a strip club, I am not that naive to believe a goat has never been on the stage of a strip club in Greece or West Virginia.  But why did this little guy get so enraged?  Perhaps we will shall never know.

Some minor research into goats this morning led me to the following: goats like pussy, a lot.  I suppose that isn’t much of a surprise.  To me, the most alarming part of this story is that the strip club was closed!  That is the real crime here, and the owners of this establishment should be locked up.  I have a message to all of the strip club owners out there in the world: Never close your doors, because a horny goat may want a lapdance at 5 a.m. and it just ain’t right if you don’t accommodate him.  If you need more persuasion, how about the prospect of having your club destroyed by the goat out of pure anger…

Dana, Please Will You Come Visit Nude Reviews?

Dana DeArmond and I chatted just before the AVN’s.  She has to be one of the funniest people I have interviewed.  We talked about the industry, booze, her retainer (yes, her retainer), and a bunch of other stuff.  She really had me rolling on the floor and I just loved talking her.

Part one:

[jwplayer config=”Interview Player” mediaid=”11017″]

Part two:

[jwplayer config=”Interview Player” mediaid=”11019″]

Dana DeArmond: Hello?

Nude Reviews: Hi, Dana!

Dana DeArmond: Hi!

NR: Hey, it’s Mack at How are you?

Dana DeArmond: Good!

NR: Did I catch you at a bad time?

Dana DeArmond: No, I was expecting you.

NR: Okay, good. You sounded a little thrown off. I was like, oh boy, I hope I’ve got the right number.

Dana DeArmond: Oh no, it’s because I am using Google Voice so I can give my phone number out to whoever needs it. I’m not really familiar how to use it.

NR: Very cool, it’s easy to use. You will get the hang of it. It’s super intuitive


Dana DeArmond: Yeah.

NR: So, what’s going on? What are you up to?

Dana DeArmond: I…I…

NR: Sounds exciting [laughs].

Dana DeArmond: I…

NR: I’m waiting for it.

Dana DeArmond: I am formulating an answer [laughs].

NR: Okay, okay [laughs].

Dana DeArmond: I have to open my email.

NR: No worries, multi-tasking.

Dana DeArmond: I have notes!

NR: You have notes? You don’t even know what I’m going to ask you.

Dana DeArmond: What’s up? [laughs]

NR: Not much, I’m hanging out. You out in California?

Dana DeArmond: Yeah, L.A. Hanging out with my cat, doing Yoga, drinking tea.

NR: You’re hanging out with the cat, doing Yoga, drinking tea and an interview all at the same time?

Dana DeArmond: Yeah, well that’s my day, it’s an all day thing.

NR: That’s impressive. What have you been up to lately? What’s the latest?

Click Here To Read The Full Transcript…

Sex And Golf: They Go Together Like…Okay, Maybe Not


Tiger Tiger Woods y’all…

Tiger Woods’ plight is far from over.  Tyler’s Wood is being released by Adam & Eve Pictures exclusively through their video-on-demand feature.  I would bet the house that Tiger watches it, right?  He clearly digs sex, I would even bet that he had his agents inquire about a possible starring role in the film.  I wonder how that conversation went down.  Tiger most likely telling them something like, “Hey, can it get any worse? Let me do some acting”.  I am all for it, the guy is clearly a stud and the movie would generate a boatload of money.  If I was Tiger’s agent I would have made sure that he got the lead, especially with all of those endorsement dollars drying up.  In the meantime, I heard that Tiger checked into a prominent ‘sex rehab’ facility.  That seems like the kind of place where amazing things could happen…I’m just sayin’.