Angela Aspen: The Mother Of My Unborn Children

Angela Aspen rocks, plain and simple.  I’m not certain, but I think that she and I will be doing some heavy breeding in a few years time.  She is probably just as excited as I am. 


Part one:


Part two:


Angela Aspen: Hello?

Nude Reviews: Angela!

Angela Aspen: This is Angela.

NR: How are you? It’s Mack at

Angela Aspen: Yes, how are you?

NR: I’m good. Are you on your cell phone?

Angela Aspen: Yes.

NR: It’s going in and out a little bit, I’m sorry. I can hear you okay but there is a little bit of static.


Angela Aspen: Okay, can you hear me a little better?

NR: That’s a lot better, I appreciate it. Thank you

Angela Aspen: You bet. So how are you doing?

NR: I’m good, what are you up to?

Angela Aspen: Like I said, just tanning and getting ready to go out and party tonight.

NR: Sounds good. I’m just drinking a beer in my office, getting ready for Friday night.

Angela Aspen: [laughs] Nice.

NR: It gets a little loose here on Fridays. We are porn review site, so you can imagine the day-to-day.

Angela Aspen: Yeah, my typical days are quite interesting…

NR: So where are you right now?


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