Codi Bryant Can’t Dunk, But She Is Damn Sexy…

Codi Bryant is hot, probably can’t shoot a jump-shot like Kobe Bryant, but she is hot.  She gave me some time the other day and we chatted on the phone.  This ebony goddess cannot wait to hit Vegas for the AVNs and I have no doubts her star power is on the rise.  Listen to the full interview here!

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Codi Bryant: Hello?

Nude Reviews: Codi, hey, it’s Mack at Nude Reviews, how are you?

Codi Bryant: Hey, I’m good. How are you?

NR: I’m good. Is this a little better time now?

Codi Bryant: Yeah, this is perfect. I’m not busy at all.

NR: I caught you at work last night, huh?

Codi Bryant: Yeah [laughs].

NR: No big deal. So how’s everything going, alright?

Codi Bryant: Everything is fine. I finally made it out to LA and I’m here.

NR: So what’s on the docket while you’re out there? What are you working on?

Codi Bryant: Umm, I have a thing to do with Playboy TV and then I’m doing some trades, some content trades with somebody.  So I’m pretty excited.

NR: Always on the go, right?

Codi Bryant: Always.

NR: What have you been working on lately? What are some of your projects?

Codi Bryant: Well, we just got through Titty Sweat 2, with Vince Voyeur Unleashed. That came out in the beginning of November, or the middle of November. And then, what else? I’m still shooting. I did some things for some internet companies. I’m constantly doing something. And my website.

NR: What’s the feedback on the website?

Codi Bryant: Well, I’m not letting anybody see it yet. I’m working on it like, as we speak. I have the webmaster working on it. But, I mean, I’ve seen a little bit of it and I like it. I’m happy with it. All the content has not been shot for it, which is why I’m here shooting, you know, doing the trades and stuff. And when that gets all shot and put together, then I’m going to make it a paysite. Right now, we’re going to do a little informational thing, where people can go and find out about me.

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