Sara Jay

You know, there’s no mistaking it when you see a woman who just loves her job: the bright glint of passion in her eyes, the lips slightly bit with temptation, and the all-out expression of love for sex.  Sara Jay, a thirty-five-year-old beauty who maintains a sexual legacy in the industry despite her age, is a woman who still loves to fuck, suck, and surrender to sexual fantasies that will leave you stumbling for words by the time the credits roll.

Despite all the wonderful sex scenes you can find with Sara as she devours penis with a lasting lust, you’d be shocked to know that she does not do anal.  Although this might be a downside in your book, at least you can put your imagination to good use and fantasize what it’d be like to give Sara the anal-pounding-pleasure you’d love to give!  Ironically, in spite of the fact that she is not “anally accessible”, this passionate performer is known for her ass—just look at it!  Let the white skin of this babe be the perfectly-lit color to reveal the round ass that is her primary asset—unless you love huge breasts!  There’s another plus from Sara: her bouncy boobs, although not naturals, are the perfect compliment to her straw-blonde hair, slim white body, and the juicy ass she is known for.

You can expose Sara Jay’s most recent sex scenes in her 2012 release of “Sumthin’ ‘Bout Sara Jay.”  I can tell you this: in spite of Sara’s age, one thing is for sure: her ass is still one of the best ones out there!

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