Kimber James Interview Cont.

Kimber James: Hello?

NudeReviews: Hi, Kimber? Hey, it’s Mack at, how are you?

Kimber James: I’m good, how are you?

NR: I’m good, thanks for giving us a little time tonight, I appreciate it.  So what have you been up to lately, what’s new?

Kimber James: Umm…I’m having a DVD release on the 22nd and I’m getting ready to go to London to spend Christmas with one of my good friends and her family. That’s really about it for the most part. I’m thinking about going to AVN, I’m trying to decide but I’m leaning toward no. And that’s really it for now.

NR: Oh, I was going to ask you about the AVNs. You’re not going to go?

Kimber James: No, I don’t think so.

NR: Really? Why not?

Kimber James: Um, well it’s not something that I’ve ever really liked and um, I really wanted to get nominated for [unclear] and I didn’t. So I just don’t want to go. Plus, I’m not signing anywhere, so it’s like there’s no need.

NR: There’s no need…but you are being nominated. You did get a nomination though, correct?

Kimber James: Yes, for Best Transsexual Performer. But I feel like, to get nominated in really the only role that I could get nominated for, it’s an honor, but it’s not like…I mean, I’d want to get nominated for something that no one else has.

NR: No, that would be fantastic. You worried the fans are going to miss you, though?

Kimber James: No [laughs].  No, I mean, it’s not like they’re even going to see me, I’m not signing so how are they even going to see him?

NR: I know, but I’m sure they’d still be happy if they ran into you.  Well, congrats on Cybersiren on the Month, that’s a big deal.

Kimber James: I know! I was so excited. It was such a big deal to me, I almost cried. I was really, really touched.

NR: No, that’s definitely a big deal.  So what’s been your main focus lately? Is it recent projects, website work, what’s really been keeping you busy the last few months.

Kimber James: Really just working on my website and really just starting my production company so I can start releasing the DVDs. And kind of, just self promotion. I’m much more interested in owning my own content nowadays, so just focusing on that.

NR: I hear that from a lot of people I talk to. I think everyone’s headed in that direction if they can. I know it’s not the easiest task, but I have no doubt you’ll get it done.

Kimber James: Yeah, I kind of went there right away. I have very little content out there that I don’t own.

NR: That’s good. You grew up in Miami, right?

Kimber James: Yes I did.

NR: What was that like?

Kimber James: It was cool. I love Miami, I miss Miami. My aunt and my grandmother essentially raised me. I started transitioning when I was twelve and my mom had my name legally changed when I started hormones. She kind of kicked me to the curb a little bit. My dad couldn’t handle it, so…yeah. So basically from twelve on, I was basically on my own.

NR: Wow…

Kimber James: Yeah, but I mean for the most part I think that I pretty much did have a pretty fun upbringing. I did get like, a little made fun of but in the end it hasn’t been something that’s bothered me. I’ve always been very open about things.

NR: Yeah, in the end it’ll only make you stronger. So what led you into adult entertainment, then? What was the catalyst there?

Kimber James: My friend was doing it and, um. I wanted to – she was having a lot of surgery and I wanted more surgery. I was, I think at the time I was seventeen years old. At the time I had another friend that had been in the industry for five years and he kind of, prodded me and helped me along. And a week after I turned eighteen, I did my first DVD. That’s where it started. I kind of fell into it a little bit.

NR: Okay, and right when you turned eighteen you just kind of jumped into it full board. So who’ve been some of your favorite people to work with thus far?

Kimber James: Um…plastic surgeons [laughs].

NR: [laughs] What about in the industry?

Kimber James: Nick Walillo [sp?] of course, who’s my father for the most part. He shoots all the content for my website and we’re extremely close. I guess I would say him, it’s fun to work with my friends, like when I worked with Brynn Tyler who’s a roommate of mine. And also Angelina Valentine, she’s a friend.

NR: I was going to ask you about Angelina Valentine. Was that a lot of fun?

Kimber James: Yeah, it’s always fun! We just did another scene together.

NR: I was looking at some of the pictures from that, it looks great. I think everybody’s going to be really stoked to see that.

Kimber James: Which one, the Christmas one?

NR: Yeah, the newest one with Angelina.

Kimber James: Oh yeah, yeah. Yeah, it should. We photograph pretty well together. The blonde and the black hair, they kinda, they look well.

NR: Yeah, it goes well, definitely. So what’s been the best part about working in the adult entertainment industry? What’s given you the most joy or the most satisfaction? What do you like best about it?

Kimber James: Um, the ability to shop and buy anything you want.

NR: Yeah, I heard you’re a shopaholic.

Kimber James: Yes I am! It’s my specialty, it’s what I do best.

NR: What’s the guiltiest pleasure? Shoes, clothes, sunglasses, jewelry? What is it?

Kimber James: Shoes. And I have a big Louis Vuitton collection. Purses are my thing, but shoes are my love life.

NR: There’s nothing wrong with that.

Kimber James: No there’s not!

NR: What if you had to change one thing about the industry, if you could. What would you do?

Kimber James: Um…I would make it a lot more open, honest. Not so bigoted…I mean, there’s a lot of things I don’t understand. Why, I mean…the things that I’ve achieved, every step, every little thing I’ve done means a lot to me because it means a year ago, a transsexual would never have been able to do. But that I don’t understand.  When I was Cybersiren of the month, I was the first transsexual.  When I got signed to an adult agency, I was the first transsexual. When I got the poster centerfold in AVN, I was the first to do that, and the first in a Hustler DVD.  I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to do those things and, how long since porn’s been created and it’s just now happening.

NR: Yeah, there’s barriers in every industry. I agree with you.

Kimber James: Yeah, but what I mean is, it’s porn.  It shouldn’t be so segregated and people should be very open about everything. I feel like, it’s porn. Why does there need to be that wall?

NR: I agree with you.

Kimber James: I don’t know. I mean, that’s the thing that I’ll never understand. I mean, why don’t I have a Playboy cover? Why don’t I have a Penthouse cover? Why don’t I have a Hustler cover? Those are things I really want and how come another blonde with big boobs, who has a vagina, can have it but just because I have a penis and look a little bit similar, I can’t have it.

NR: No, I agree with you. If there’s one industry that shouldn’t have the wall, it should be pornography. At least that’s what you’d think on paper, you know?

Kimber James: Exactly.

NR: Now what lies ahead? Obviously you mentioned focusing on the website, you’re heading to London soon.  Anything else? More travel, just some R&R? What’s the future hold for Kimber James.

Kimber James: I’m going to try and continue to pump out four DVDs through my production company a year. And to continue to work on my website and see how that goes and hopefully the momentum will be going well. I’m still going to be working on that Playboy, Penthouse or Hustler cover.

NR: That’s right, don’t give up.

Kimber James: Oh, I won’t. I want to be on Brazzers, I want to be on Reality Kings and I want to be on Naughty America. And so, maybe break into mainstream. So, you know, I have a lot of goals and some I achieve and some I don’t. But every goal I’ve gone for and if it happens, it happens, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.  But at least I tried. I’m sure as time goes on, things will just pop into my head and I’ll figure if I’ll do it or not. Who knows, maybe retirement in the near future. I’ve thought about getting out completely within the next two years, so we’ll see.

NR: Oh boy, well I know whatever you decide to do, I know you’re gonna go at it full steam. It seems like you don’t give up very easily and I wish you the best of luck.

Kimber James: I am a nagger! I do not give up.

NR: That’s a good attribute to have. Now Kimber, this was great. I really appreciate you giving us a little bit of time. Everybody at is a big fan. And we all think you’re incredibly talented.

Kimber James: Oh, thanks, that means a lot. You’re really cool to talk to.

NR: No, thank you. And have a blast over in London.  Hopefully we can do it again soon, okay?

Kimber James: Yeah, definitely!

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