Sex And Golf: They Go Together Like…Okay, Maybe Not


Tiger Tiger Woods y’all…

Tiger Woods’ plight is far from over.  Tyler’s Wood is being released by Adam & Eve Pictures exclusively through their video-on-demand feature.  I would bet the house that Tiger watches it, right?  He clearly digs sex, I would even bet that he had his agents inquire about a possible starring role in the film.  I wonder how that conversation went down.  Tiger most likely telling them something like, “Hey, can it get any worse? Let me do some acting”.  I am all for it, the guy is clearly a stud and the movie would generate a boatload of money.  If I was Tiger’s agent I would have made sure that he got the lead, especially with all of those endorsement dollars drying up.  In the meantime, I heard that Tiger checked into a prominent ‘sex rehab’ facility.  That seems like the kind of place where amazing things could happen…I’m just sayin’.

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