Sara Jay Interview, Continued…

Sara Jay: Hi, it’s Sara Jay.

Nude Reviews: Hey Sara, its Mack from, how are you?

Sara Jay: I’m good, how are you?

NR: I’m good, what’s going on?

Sara Jay: Nothin‘.

NR: I missed you last night.

Sara Jay: I know, you were calling from an unknown number and didn’t leave a message.

NR: What kind of person doesn’t answer unknown numbers?

Sara Jay: Me!

NR: I’m just messing with you.

Sara Jay: [laughs]

NR: So, what’s going on, what have you been up to?

Sara Jay: Just working hard. Just finished up my cam show.

NR: I know you travel a lot, where are you at right now?

Sara Jay: I’m in DC.

NR: Okay, that’s not bad.

Sara Jay: Yeah.

NR: Now you’re originally from Ohio, right?

Sara Jay: I am.

NR: What was it like growing up there?

Sara Jay: Pretty boring, I grew up in a really middle class part of Ohio, primarily white. Well, 98% white.

NR: That’s primarily [laughs].

Sara Jay: When I graduated high school and everything, I moved downtown into the ghetto.

NR: Downtown Cincinnati, right?

Sara Jay: Yeah, I moved downtown into the ghetto so I could get a feel for what real life was. Not the privacy of suburban white middle-class neighborhoods.

NR: You wanted an experience?

Sara Jay: I did, I wanted an experience. So I went to college in Cincinnati. At the university of Cincinnati.

NR: Oh, You’re a Bearcat! Bearcats are unstoppable this year!

Sara Jay: I know. You know what actually, over the years,  the Bearcats have been pretty good generally.

NR: Gotta watch out, you might lose that coach!

Sara Jay: You know, when I was in college we had Bob Huggins. He was really good. I don’t know who the coach is now. I don’t really follow sports too much but I do know enough to know the Bearcats do really good.

NR: Keep an eye on them, absolutely.

Sara Jay: [laughs]

NR: And then from there you just said, “I gotta get out to Vegas?” That was that?

Sara Jay: Pretty much. I was in college for almost two years. Then I started dancing after my first year of college. I really liked it. I really enjoyed the adult thing. I thought, where can I make this a career? I was definitely interested in making it a career, and not just a hobby or a job. So I decided to go to Vegas!

NR: That seems to be the place to go, if that’s what you’re into.

Sara Jay: Yup.

NR: You travel like crazy. But is most of your focus on your website these days, or are you still just trying to a little bit of everything?

Sara Jay: I’ve got my fingers in so many pies right now.

NR: [laughs]

Sara Jay: I’m very, very busy, I am. I try really, really hard to stay on top of my website. Come up with new ideas. New things for me to start on. I also shoot for other websites.

NR: Yeah, of course. So whatever keep the fans happy, right?

Sara Jay: Exactly. I’m doing my webcams now off my website. I have a members forum that I’m pretty active on. Everything is focused on my website because at the end of the day that’s where the residual income comes from. But I still do plenty of appearance and scenes for other companies.

NR: I know from pretty much everyone we have talked to who has a website, anything that they incorporate the fans in, like cam shows or a lot of interaction seems to be really successful right now. I think that’s what the fans want more than anything.

Sara Jay: Well, right now because the industry being the way it is, the recession, the economy and everything. Not only are the fans looking for more bang for their buck, but so are we as performers. So a lot of the content you see, not all of it, but a lot of the content you end up seeing on the internet is found more than one place on the internet.

NR: Oh yeah, of course.

Sara Jay: In my opinion, the only true exclusive content is live content.

NR: Okay, okay. That’s one way to look at it. So are you headed to Vegas next month? Are you not going to go to the AVNs? Or you think you will be out there?

Sara Jay: I’m definitely gonna go.

NR: Definitely gonna go?

Sara Jay: I was just buying my booth today, so I am gonna have my own booth that I’m sharing with…

NR: Oh, booth! I thought you said you were buying your boobs today!

Sara Jay: Oh, no! [laughs]

NR: I don’t think you need any more of those.

Sara Jay: [laughs] I’m gonna be sharing a booth with Alexis Golden and Vicky Vette.

NR: That’s awesome. You and Vicky are pretty tight, right?

Sara Jay: We are. She is actually my new webmaster.

NR: Well, that’s pretty close then [laughs].

Sara Jay: We have been friends for years, but her being my webmaster is a new relationship, so it’s working out really good so far

NR: Now was this always the plan? Did you think about this when you were dancing, getting into porn? Did it just kind of happen?

Sara Jay: I didn’t really think about until I was getting tired of dancing. When I got up for work and realized that I really didn’t want to dance anymore; it was just getting really old. Then I started thinking of an exit strategy. What do I like to do? What about dancing is enjoyable to me? What about the adult industry is enjoyable to me? That’s when I decided that I was gonna be a porn star. I started sending my pictures out to any company that would hire me, any photographer that would shoot me. Just hoping to get some business. And it worked, so, here I am.

NR: Here you are, very successful. No doubt. What’s your favorite part about the job?

Sara Jay: The sex.

NR: The sex, really?

Sara Jay: Absolutely!

NR: [laughs] That’s a good honest answer right there.

Sara Jay: Yeah, it’s very much the truth. I do this, not because it’s my only option or because someone’s making me or anything like that . I’m doing it because  I like to do it and I enjoy what I do. And I only do what I enjoy doing.

NR: I think, when you look at different content, you can see certain girls are more into it than other girls and I hear it a lot when I talk to a lot of different stars in the industry, how much they really do love the sex. It’s not just like, oh I do this to get paid, and I think it shows on camera.

Sara Jay: Can you hold on a second?

NR: Can I hold? Sure.


Sara Jay: Sorry, I had to answer the door.

NR: Everything alright?

Sara Jay: Everything’s great.

NR: Good. Just don’t let that happen again.

Sara Jay: [laughs]

NR: Just kidding. So, if you could change one thing about the industry, if you could, what would you do?

Sara Jay: Well, the industry in general is like, really racist and that pretty much irritates me.

NR: Really?

Sara Jay: I would actually like to just change that about the world [laughs].

NR: Well, I’m with you there. But I don’t hear that too much. This is the first time I’ve heard that from someone.

Sara Jay: That’s probably because most of the girls you’re talking to are racist, actually [laughs]. No, you know, honestly a lot of producers, managers, agents, they all encourage the industry to be very segregated and encourage a lot of girls not to do interracial. So whether it’s a girl’s own choice or whether it’s advice given to them by someone else in the industry, there is a lot of racist remarks and racist problems.

NR: It’s everywhere, it’s unbelievable even in 2009, it’s still everywhere. Now, you’ve certainly not been shy about it, you like working with black performers, correct?

Sara Jay: I sure do. I like working with any performer that comes to me with a hard dick that’s ready to fuck. Which is 90% of the time, black performers.

NR: And that’s all that matters, as long as they’re ready to go?

Sara Jay: Yeah, absolutely. If you wanna fuck and you wanna fuck me, right now and you’re ready to go? Your excitement makes me excited. So, you know, I’m an equal opportunity fucker. It just so happens that my body type and my style and performance is usually recognized by blacks in the industry. And that’s fine with me, I love it.

NR: Is there one individual in particular that you like working with most…boy or girl?

Sara Jay: Umm, Shane Diesel’s one of my favorites. I’ve got a short list of really great performers, but he’s definitely in the top five. I really like Shorty Mac and Byron Long. I like working with a lot of different people, I’m pretty easy going and easy to work with. I don’t really have too many problems with too many people.

NR: Well, that’s good.  Now, I’ve got to ask you this – I was going to get to it sooner or later. What do you think is your better attribute, your tits or your ass? Both are pretty famous at this stage of the game. But what do you think?

Sara Jay: [laughs] Um, well, I’m going to go with my ass because my titties, I bought. And the ass was grown.

NR: The ass is all natural, it’s home grown.

Sara Jay: I’m much more proud of my ass than my titties. I think I picked out some pretty good ones, but I’m particularly proud of my ass because I was born with it.

NR: Well, I’m a fan of both, so I can’t really choose.

Sara Jay: [laughs]

NR: I wouldn’t be able to make up my mind on that. Now, I know this is a tough question, but what do you see yourself doing, where do you see yourself in the industry, out of the industry, five years from now, ten years from now – what’s the main goal?

Sara Jay: Um, well. I plan on staying in the industry because this is where I’ve made my career. I’m 32 now and so, just like any other person at 32 years old, it’s a challenge to start a whole new industry. This is what I’ve chosen as my career and I plan to stay in it. My job, in this career, may change. I’m doing a lot more directing and producing now.

NR: Yeah, that’s what I was getting to. Do you see yourself more on the other side of the camera?

Sara Jay: Yep, I’ve got two DVDs out already and I’m currently shooting an amateur series as well as all the stuff for my site. So I definitely see myself on the other side of the camera more often.

NR:That’s good to hear. I’m sure when the fans hear that they’ll be even more excited, because I’m sure you’ve got some great work in store. There’s no doubt about that.

Sara Jay: I sure do. I like to listen to what the fans want, too. So I think that’s definitely going to be a leg up, as far as directing or producing.

NR: They keep the industry going, so we’ve got to give them what they want, right?

Sara Jay: Yep!

NR: I know you travel like crazy, you’re all over the map. I was taking a look at your schedule earlier today and I couldn’t believe everything you’ve got going on. It’s unbelievable, I don’t know how you pull it off.  But you’re an absolute trooper and I really appreciate you giving me a little bit of time.  I just want you to know that everybody at loves you and our visitors do, too. You’re one of the most popular girls on the site.

Sara Jay: That means a lot to me. It really does. You know, I try to be myself and I try to stay active in the industry and hopefully everyone continues to enjoy my work.

NR: I just want to thank you again. Maybe we can do it again sometime. Have fun in Vegas and good luck with everything, okay?

Sara Jay: Thank you so much!

NR: Take care, Sara.

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