Good Samaritan or What The Hell Were You Thinking?


Someone tell this guy to quit being so nice…

An Italian tourist, 72 year old Felicia Lettieri, left behind $21,000 in a New York City taxi cab.  The cash was inside of her ginormous old lady wallet, which she left in the backseat.  Let’s rewind this just a moment…she had 21 grand in cash?!  Was she visiting America with intentions of buying a human being and bringing him/her back to Italy?  Perhaps she came to stock up on fine American Made Goods.  Hardly, this lady is dangerous and I am concerned.  The slightly more shocking part of this story is that the Bangladeshi cabbie returned the money.  What on earth was he thinking; he could have returned to his mahalla and opened 13 clothing factories.  I cannot condone his actions, especially considering how lethal this old Italian broad is now that she has her 21 grand back.  This is a sticky story and I will be following it closely.  For the record, I am not a bad person, but 21 grand in the backseat of my cab…exactly.

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