Natalia Rossi Interview cont.

Nude Reviews: Natalia, hey, it’s Mack at How are you?

Natalia Rossi: Hi, I’m good. How are you?

NR: I’m good. What happened? I tried you a couple of times, you weren’t there.

Natalia Rossi: Yeah, I know, I was fucking my fiancé.

NR: Oh, hey now! Sounds good.

Natalia Rossi: Exactly.

NR: So how’d that go? Alright?

Natalia Rossi: Oh yeah. I made him cum like three times.

NR: Three times! That guy’s a champ, huh?

Natalia Rossi: Yeah. I can’t get enough of his dick. Am I on the radio right now, or whatever?

NR: No, you will be after. We kinda edit a few things and we throw in some pictures in with you and then you’ll be all over the Web.

Natalia Rossi: Sweet.

NR: Yeah, absolutely. The real question is, did he make you cum three times?

Natalia Rossi: Yes he did.

NR: Did he-

Natalia Rossi: More than three times. He has foreskin and his dick is like really thick and long.

NR: Jesus.

Natalia Rossi: So like, it just makes me cum and squirt all over the place.

NR: Jesus. That sounds a little messy.

Natalia Rossi: [Laughs] Yeah, we’re messy but he eats me out great. I love it.

NR: Jesus Christ. What’d I miss? What am I missing here, this is terrible. I’m stuck here in an office.

Natalia Rossi: [Laughs] Thought you were on the East Coast.

NR: Yeah, I’m in Miami. Nude Reviews is based out of Miami. You’re in California, right?

Natalia Rossi: Yeah, I’ve been to Miami once before for Bang Bros.

NR: Oh, sure, sure, absolutely. I saw you’ve shot for them. You’ve shot for them a couple of time, that’s awesome. Are you um, so what have you been up to lately, besides fucking your fiancé?

Natalia Rossi: Um, I’ve done a few things for Playboy, um, Zero Tolerance and then just a bunch of different shit. I went to go shower with my makeup artist and my fiancé came up and we fucked, and that was fun.

NR: Fantastic.

Natalia Rossi: Yeah, oh, and I worked for Adam and Eve a few weeks ago.

NR: Oh, very cool. Very cool. How did, uh, go ahead.

Natalia Rossi: A few months ago, I was set, they’re awesome.

NR: So it was a good experience?

Natalia Rossi: Yeah.

NR: That’s great. How did you get into the industry?

Natalia Rossi: Well, I originally wanted to mainstream model, and then I met Krystal Steal, who’s no longer in the industry.

NR: Yeah.

Natalia Rossi: Who I’m no longer friends with because she kinda got psycho.

NR: Oh dear.

Natalia Rossi: And I just realized I was always open with my sexuality.

NR: Yeah.

Natalia Rossi: I mean, I was always the girl in high school who like, was fucking someone.

NR: [Laughs] It didn’t matter, someone, right? Not necessarily a man or a woman, just someone?

Natalia Rossi: Well, the way I look at it, it’s like, in high school the way I looked at it, it’s like, having a boyfriend with a different sized dick every time, you know what I mean?

NR: That’s a hell of a way to look at it.

Natalia Rossi: Exactly.

NR: That’s actually pretty smart. I think it makes the most sense.

Natalia Rossi: Yeah.

NR: So size really does matter for you then, absolutely?

Natalia Rossi: Oh yeah, I need thick, always.

NR: I’m sure there’s a lot of hearts out there that just broke.

Natalia Rossi: What?

NR: I think there might be some guys out there who just got a little upset when they found out you were just looking for a monster dong.

Natalia Rossi: [Laughs]

NR: You may have broken a few hearts.

Natalia Rossi: What can I say, my man’s cock is just too great.

NR: Oh boy. Well hey, it’s working wonders for you so that’s all that really matters, right?

Natalia Rossi: Exactly.

NR: Now how did you come up with the name, Natalia Rossi?

Natalia Rossi: Um, actually from a Hustler photographer. He’s like “You’re such a Natalia Rossi.” I was like “Why?” He was like “’Cause like at first, like, you’re kind of…,” like I came up as a bitch, like kind of snobby. You know how like Natalia Rossi’s kind of like, it sounds like a snobby name, you know?

NR: Yeah, def, no, no, I see what you mean.

Natalia Rossi: But I’m definitely not snobby. I’m definitely not bitchy what’s so ever.

NR: Well that’s definitely good. No, I can definitely tell.

Natalia Rossi: Yeah, and all of my fans think I’m Italian.

NR: Yeah, I mean, that’s like, you know, Rossi’s definitely like an Italian name, so. But you’re not Italian?

Natalia Rossi: No, I’m not. I am German and Spanish.

NR: German and Spanish. But you’re pretty much just a Cali girl, right, for all intensive purposes, right?

Natalia Rossi: Yep.

NR: Were you born and raised in Southern California, or…?

Natalia Rossi: No, I was born and raised in Irvine.

NR: Oh, okay. Yeah.

Natalia Rossi: Yep.

NR: That’s awesome. Um, now, you’re still really young, you know? I mean if you really think about it. I mean, you’ve been busy but all in all you’re still pretty young. Do you wanna stay in the business for a long time or do you have other aspirations down the road? What’s the future look like?

Natalia Rossi: I plan to stay in the business for as long as I can…

NR: Yeah.

Natalia Rossi: But I, what my goal is really, is to pursue my goals with Playboy.

NR: Oh, very cool.

Natalia Rossi: And try to get involved with them in there and a lot of more, new, exotic modeling, definitely.

NR: That’s something you see yourself, you know, striving towards down the road?

Natalia Rossi: Because originally I wanted to model.

NR: Yeah, that was your first goal, right?

Natalia Rossi: I love doing exotic poses that are just very sexual.

NR: That’s awesome. So what’s been the best part so far about working in porn?

Natalia Rossi: Um, I don’t know. Like honestly, not so much the scene, just like meeting interesting, outgoing people, I guess.

NR: Yeah, is there like-

Natalia Rossi: I love traveling, I’ve never been to Miami, I’ve got to go to Miami.

NR: Mhm.

Natalia Rossi: But um, I wouldn’t say not so much hanging out with the porn girls ‘cause a lot of them are psycho.

NR: [Laughs] I can see that, I’ve…

Natalia Rossi: And definitely stay away from male talent, if you’re a new newcomer, don’t be [around]  male talent.

NR: Yeah, it can be a little dicey, huh? That was actually my next question. Is there anyone you just love working with, though? Is there anyone you know, you always enjoy working with?

Natalia Rossi: Um, I would have to say, well, I haven’t done a sex scene in a while. Um.

NR: You’ve been busy with your fiancé.

Natalia Rossi: What?

NR: I said you’ve been busy with your fiancé.

Natalia Rossi: Yeah, exactly, and like doing Playboy, like poses and for other clothing line, mainstream things. But my favorite person I’d say in porn, especially in my first year is Mark Wood.

NR: Okay, great. Is there anyone you would never work with again, bad experience?

Natalia Rossi: Um…

NR: You don’t have to answer it, but I’d like to know.

Natalia Rossi: Um, there’s just, there’s this one freak. He does POV’s in his apartment. He’s an older man…

NR: [Laughs] Old man in his apartment doing POV.

Natalia Rossi: Um, his name, I forgot his name but yeah, I would never work with him. It’s just horrible.

NR: Yeah, it just sounds shady. You know?

Natalia Rossi: Yeah, like, as soon as I showed up, I was like “I need to cancel, like I can’t. No, no, you are not going down on me.”

NR:  That’s just not gonna happen. Oh man. If you could, um, you know, if you could have any other job in the world, what would it be? Or are you happy doing what you’re doing?

Natalia Rossi: Um, if I could have any other job in the world, I’d like to own my own company.

NR: Yeah.

Natalia Rossi: And I’d like to definitely like to have something to do with the Playboy mansion, definitely.

NR: You like that place, huh?

Natalia Rossi: Yes, I do.

NR: There’s a really, I don’t know if you know this, but there’s a really, really sweet golf course right behind the mansion called L.A. Country Club, you’ve ever heard of it?

Natalia Rossi: Yeah, I’ve seen it.

NR: Yeah, you should try and get out there and play if you ever want to take your fiancé golfing. It’s unbelievable.

Natalia Rossi: Yeah, he loves golfing. He was born in France.

NR: Oh, really?

Natalia Rossi: He’s French and it’s sexy. He talks in French to me.

NR: Ah, you must like that.

Natalia Rossi: Yeah. He was my first foreskin fuck.

NR: I’m taking notes here. Huge cock, foreskin, try to speak French. You know, I could work on the French part but I don’t know if I can grow my foreskin back so that could be trouble.

Natalia Rossi: The first time I fucked him, we were in marine bio class together and I like whatever, touched his dick. Then we had like a second, what’s it called, like a trip to Sea World and I like, touched his dick and we got down and drunk and then there was like a high school like lame party when I was like a junior, and I saw him there and he used be all like reggae, like dude. And I like totally sucked him on the trashcans and blew him.

NR: So you’ve known him for a while then, huh?

Natalia Rossi: Oh yeah, since high school. We were always interested in each other.

NR: That’s awesome.

Natalia Rossi: Yeah.

NR: Um, we talked about Miami earlier. Are you gonna down here in a couple of weeks for Exxotica or is that not in the cards?

Natalia Rossi: Oh, for the awards?

NR: Yeah, for well, you know, the big show in Miami, yeah.

Natalia Rossi: Actually, I’d totally forgotten about that but yeah, I’ll be there, I’ll try to bring my fiancé. That’ll be fun.

NR: Oh, that’s awesome. I think we’ll have some people there so um, you know, if you’re not too busy, maybe we could just drop by and say hi. Hopefully that’ll work out.

Natalia Rossi: Definitely, like a little interview live.

NR: Sure, we could do something like that, absolutely. Hey, um, before I let you go I want you to tell me something that maybe your fans might not know about you. Because I know you have a ton of fans out there. What’s something that maybe they don’t know?

Natalia Rossi: Hmmm, there’s a lot of things people don’t know. I’m a very wild, spontaneous girl but when it all comes down to it, I’m like the biggest sweetheart ever, but I am a freak.

NR: [Laughs]

Natalia Rossi: And when I want my dick from my fiancé, I get it.

NR: Yeah.

Natalia Rossi: I’ve always been the horny little girl who has the fucking magic wand.

NR: Hm, yeah, I like it. Have you ever thought about doing a scene with him?

Natalia Rossi: Um, definitely, because I’m contracted with Jules Jordan for anal.

NR: Okay.

Natalia Rossi: I’m trying to ask Jules if maybe I could, I want like a Natalia’s Anal Adventure and like, he should be a part of it.

NR: Sounds awesome, are you kidding me?

Natalia Rossi: Yeah.

NR: That sounds great. Alright, well, I’m gonna let you get back to getting busy with the ol’ fiancé but I really appreciate you letting us spend a little bit of time with you. And um, I want you to know that everyone at Nude Reviews wishes you the best and uh, just keep rocking on, okay?

Natalia Rossi: Alrighty, thank you so much for taking the time to listen to me. [Laughs]

NR: Absolutely, any time and um, I hope we can catch up in a couple of weeks in Miami. Um, take care, Natalia, alright?

Natalia Rossi: Alright, thank you.

NR: Alright.

Natalia Rossi: Bye!

NR: Bye.

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