Sunny, Is That A Real Bathing Suit Bottom?


The party of the year…

Do you think Sunny Leone will let me come to the NYE bash at Opium nightclub in Hollywood, Florida?  I think she would let me in, we did connect during our interview and I am sure that the impression I left on her was felt for a while.  Ok, yea, she probably doesn’t remember me but it might be worth a shot.  I could blow Sunny away with my devilishly good looks and tall stature thus proving myself as the ultimate closer.  “Hey Sunny it’s Mack from Nude Reviews, we spoke a little ways back, remember?” — “Oh my God!!! Hey sexy, wow look at you, I bet you are a stud in the sack, let’s get the hell outta here and bang somewhere” — “ok” — “Can we also fly to Vegas and get married?” — “Well, Sunny…I suppose”.

I am pretty sure that’s how it would go down at New Year’s.  Why not?  Sunny, if you make your way back to the blog and read this…put me on the guest list.

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