Tiger Woods Will Fuck Anything With A Pulse

Joslyn James

Tiger Style…

I promised myself that I wouldn’t blog about Tiger…but now he is banging pornstars and my boss yelled at me for not blogging about it.  This is amazing, what a sly dog huh?  I am impressed with his resume.  He is undoubtedly going to be the greatest golfer of all time, and he is arguably the most dominant male athlete in the history of sports.  But who knew he was banging a different girl for every tournament he won!?  I know that some of the girls coming out of the woodwork are spreading rumors and just trying to capitalize on the insta-fame, but many are telling the truth too.  Tiger spent years putting out this squeaky clean image, meanwhile he was putting his penis into anything that moved…from a pornstar to a manager at a shitty restaurant.  The pornstar bang has my interest peaked, but this manager at Perkins Family Restaurant raises some eyebrows.  I am picturing Tiger, late-night munchies in Orlando with the boys, a couple of bong-hits and a triple-dog dare…exactly.

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