5-10 yrs. for being a Taintlicker…No One is Surprised

Douchebag Von Taintlicker

And the Douchey Award goes to…

It really should not surprise anyone these days, and I did blog about it a while back…but Joe Francis is in fact fucked, again.  This goober still thinks that he has a chance to beat the system.  The best advice I can offer ole Joe would be, “get outta Dodge”.  Hit the road, make them think twice about not labeling you as a flight risk.  You probably have some money hidden somewhere and you can just run forever.  It seems like the right fit for you anyway, right?  And hey, get yourself some handheld cameras and start videotaping 15 year old’s again…maybe start a new GGW series: “I’m a Boner, still filming drunk teens”.

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