poor guy ha!Not exactly the smoothest operator…

A Bishop in Canada over the weekend resigned from his post amid allegations of child pornography.  The kicker here is that he oversaw a recent multi-million dollar lawsuit settlement over child sex abuse allegations in his diocese in the 1950’s.  He was obviously not part of those, but apologized on behalf of the church.  Two months later, BOOM!  This guy is trying to give the alter-boys a free Nova Scotian history lesson.  Rockin’ times I hear…as long as you stayed the hell outta church.

But seriously, I grew up Catholic and I just can’t get my finger around this.  I know that no one is perfect and there are crazies everywhere, agreed.  These guys are reppin’ the cloth, and it just ain’t suppose to happen!  I am gonna chalk this recent development north of the border up to the fact that…it is north of the border.  Nova Scotia is an island, crazy stuff happens on islands…we all know “Lord of the Flies”…poor Piggy.

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