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Find me a guy that hasn’t fantasized about a “big girl” at least once in his life…find him yet, he is a liar!

Admit it, go ahead.  Everyone has had the urge to go big, perhaps too big sometimes (details of my trip to New Orleans are for another time).  Should there even be a limit though – these girls don’t care – they just want it bad.  All BBW Porn Network has a library that rivals Harvard’s, and it is a thousand times easier to use than the dewey decimal system.  Each and every one of these hefty beauties have three things in common: Big Bodies, Big Boobs and Big Appetites (Sex and Food).  All kidding aside, it is amazing to watch these girls perform because they are every bit as talented as your mainstream pornstars that grace the frontpage of every single website on the net.  40,000+ pics and nearly 600 videos will keep you entertained for an eon, whether you are a Chub for Chub guy or simply a standard issue Chubbychaser.

I implore you to grab a snack, maybe two snacks, and check the latest in BBW porn…this niche is growing (no pun intended) faster than China and there are so many sites where you can get top-notch Big and Beautiful girls doing everything from hardcore to solo.  Like I said in the beginning, if you have a friend that says he could “never be with a big girl”, slap him first, then send him to a BBW site.

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