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Osaka School Girls    
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Osaka School Girls

Japanese women are known to be obedient and submissive. The school girls from Osaka are no exception.

Main Category: Asian Girls
Sub Categories: Amateur Girls, Hardcore Sex, Young Adult
Site type: Network (part of It's Your Porn)
Launched: October 2009
Reviewed: January 15, 2010
Facts Updated: February 2, 2012

Score Breakdown
Videos Photos Models Site Volume Update Frequency Exclusivity Site Design
17.0 / 20 6.0 / 10 14.5 / 15 8.0 / 15 10.0 / 15 10.0 / 15 7.0 / 10

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Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
  • Network access pass.
  • Multiple streaming/downloading options.
  • Quality needs improvement.
  • Very small collection.
  • Updates are inconsitent.
Full Review of Osaka School Girls by Annabel D   Jan 15, 2010
Annabel D
My Score: 72.5

These Asian girls are just as kinky as they are cute. A first look at the site shows you just how bad these supposed good-girls can be. Double penetration, bukkake, threesomes are just a few ways these babes misbehave! And you haven't even seen the half of it!

Asian women are sexy. It’s common knowledge. Something about those tight, pert little bodies that just drives us insane!! Schoolgirls are sexy. Something about that good-girl façade that’ll just bring you to your knees when they go bad, won’t it?? So how would you like it if I gave you a combination of Asian School Girls? You want it? You got it! Welcome to Osaka School Girls!

Walking into the site, you’re greeted with wall-to-wall pussy pounding, cock sucking, and double penetration action. There’s so much going on with this site, it’s almost hard to keep up, but trust me, you’ll manage. One thing that remains consistent with this crew is their women. If you like Asians, you won’t be disappointed, because the theme is all almond-eyed, horny pussied Asians so get comfortable as we go through this…

Navigation is a dream. You can sort through the movies by category, date added, or by website. When I say you can sort by website, I mean it in reference to the network access pass that you get when you sign up to Sounding better and better already, isn’t it?

I’ll admit it, although I’m a fan of these Asian angels, I’m not a fan of the size of the collection. There are currently only 79 movies and matching photo sets posted on the site, a pretty small package over all. Although they’ve been around for some time, there was a point where the additions made to the site were coming in extremely slow. I pegged it down to about two updates each month, which caused a major delay in the growth of the site. Lately, they have been improving and they seem to be up to one update per week, which is promising, so hopefully we can see some major improvement in growth sometime soon.

I’m a bit disappointed by the quality of the movies and the photos on this site. The videos come off quite pixilated when you watch it in full screen, and sometimes watching it in the little tiny square it streams from just doesn’t suffice. You have multiple streaming and downloading options: iPod, Windows Media Player, and Flash. They promise high definition quality if you download, but it stayed about the same, maybe a smidge clearer, but not anything that’ll make a real difference. The photos aren’t high resolution, but they’re pretty clear nonetheless. I would say they’re teetering on that edge of being average, maybe a little above it. You can download the photo galleries in zip files if you want to save them to your private stash.

Overall, Osaka School Girls has an uphill battle when it comes to the pricing of the site verses the amount of content you get for your buck. At $24.95 a month, it doesn’t do well as a standalone site. Perhaps if there had been more material, it may have been worth it, but with it lacking in that department as well as the quality weighing it down, it doesn’t live up to the price. If you can consider the entire network pass you have access to, and you know you’d enjoy it then I strongly suggest you go for it; with so much more content distributed amongst the other sites under the pass, it’s very well worth it only if you can let go of your love for Asian women and check out some of the others available for you. I know, it’s a sad thought, I wouldn’t want to let go of these Asian beauties either. But Osaka School Girls just isn’t ready until they either improve the quality or get more babes. In the meantime, make use of that awesome Network access. Happy downloading!

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Osaka School Girls Site Details: (What you get for your money)  
Updates and Content

Update frequency: No Recent Updates

Exclusivity: Some Exclusive Material

Number of videos: 115 (avg. 45 minutes)

Maximum Video Resolution: 640x480

Videos have watermarks

Download limit: Yes

Video DRM: None

Video Formats: WM / Flash / HD / POP / IPod

Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming

Number of galleries: 115 (avg. 50 pics per gallery)

Pictures have watermarks

Only one picture size


Offers zip files

Trial: $1.95 (3 days) - recurrs at $24.95
Monthly: $24.95 recurring
3 month: $49.95 recurring
Trial: $4.95 (7 days) - recurrs at $24.95

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