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But what does it all mean?

The glossary below should help you figure out everything you need to know about the terms used at Nude Reviews.

Adult dating site Adult dating sites are websites used to find other members in your area to date, chat with or hook up with. These sites can range from general to very specific. They may include some pornographic videos or pictures, but are primarily made up of member-generated interaction and content.

AVS service An AVS service is a type of website that offers access to a very large number of sites (more than a standard network of sites) for one membership fee.

Blog The Nude Reviews blog is a staff-generated blog that is updated daily. You can find interesting articles, entertaining video clips, sites and models we think are extra hot, and other idiotic things that come to our minds as we work.

Cam site A cam site is a type of website that allows you to create a live video connection with available men and women who are also members. Chat live, or just watch, on these sites.

Categories Each of the websites listed in our database are given a main category, a genre we feel the site most specifically caters to. Read more about what each of our straight and gay categories.

Chargebacks A chargeback is a return of funds to a consumer that has been forcibly initiated by the consumer's bank. This occurs most frequently for non-sufficient funds, fraud and identity theft.

Cross sales Cross sales are joint promotions between companies. When signing up for an adult site membership, there may be offers to sign up for additional websites at the bottom of your agreement, and many are pre-selected. Nude Reviews warns you when possible if a website has pre-checked cross sales.

Discount sites The Nude Reviews discount sites are websites in our database that are offering you a special price for using Nude Reviews. Make sure to click our links to join so that you can save some cash.

Download limit Some websites have download limits, which place restrictions on how much content you can download and save to your computer on a daily basis. Some sites will temporarily or permanently suspend your membership if you go over these limits, which are defined by the sites.

Downloadable Downloadable videos are available on most websites. With downloadable content, you don't have to watch videos at the site; you can save them directly to your hard drive for later.

DVD videos DVD videos are available on some websites as bonus or additional content. These are retail DVDs that have been transferred online for members' enjoyment.

Exclusivity The exclusivity of a site determines whether or not you can find a website's content anywhere else.  If a site is listed as 100% exclusive, you cannot see this material on any other website.

Featured models The featured models at Nude Reviews are the top searched for and viewed models on our website.

Forum The Nude Reviews forum is a place for users to discuss their favorite websites, genres, pornstars, scenes, or anything at all. Membership to our Forum is free and users can earn points as they post to win free fansigns, webcam shows and site passwords.

Frame rate The frame rate applies to live webcam sites and refers to the number of frames per second (FPS) the live cam feeds offer. Around 30 FPS is considered to be television-quality viewing.

Full scenes Full scenes are complete scenes or episodes available for member download from a website. Full-scene downloads are one complete file and allow you to view an entire video without the interruption of it being broken into clips.

Hi-res photography High resolution, or hi-res photography is the highest standard of image quality available on porn sites. Hi-res pictures are defined as a combined width and height of 1,800 pixels or more.

High definition video High definition, or HD video is any video of a higher resolution than standard definition video and give viewers the highest standard of clarity. HD videos are most commonly displayed in resolutions of 1280x720 pixels (720p) or 1920x1080 pixels (1080i/1080p).

Launch date The launch date of a website is the approximate date a site first appeared on the Internet. Nude Reviews gives users this date whenever possible.

Members area The members area of an adult site is the portion of the website that you must become a paying member to access.

Model index A model index is a searchable and alphabetical list of all the models/pornstars available on a given website.  Many sites provide a model index so that members can find all the content of their favorite stars. Nude Reviews has its own comprehensive model index for straight and gay performers.

Monthly The monthly site cost of an adult site is the most common way members are charged.  In addition to a number of other paying options, most sites give a recurring fee every 30 days.

Network site A network site is a website that is included as part of a larger collection (network) of sites.  Membership to a network site provides access to the entire collection for one cost.

Niche A niche is a genre of type of porn that a website focuses on.

Non-recurring A non-recurring fee is a one-time membership fee to an adult site that does not automatically rebill the following month/group of months.

Number of models The number of models on a website refers to the amount of different models/pornstars an adult site features in its content.

Official score The official score for a porn site is the average score (0-100) of all the reviews done by the Nude Reviews staff members.  You can learn how we determine our score by clicking the criteria clarifier on each review. 

Other reviews Nude Reviews links to outside reviews of adult sites. We are not necessarily endorsing these reviews, but giving you a chance to see what someone else thinks.

Pay Per View Websites that offer pay per view allow you to pay only for the content you watch.  There are no recurring costs with pay per view sites, but the price is often higher on average for watching videos.

Pay site A pay site is a commercial adult website that charges members for access to its content. Most sites listed at Nude Reviews are pay sites.

Pop-ups Pop-ups are those irritating additional windows that 'pop' up when you go to a website. These are usually advertisements and can come in one window or a series. Nude Reviews warns you when possible if a website has pop-ups.

Private cams Private cams apply to live webcam sites and offer live women and men who are available to chat with you via a video connection. Chatting is often free, while a nude or hardcore show is usually per minute or credit.

Review date The review date is the exact date that a Nude Reviews staff member initially reviewed a website. Over time, updated reviews are given with updated information. 

Safety screening Safety screening applies to adult dating sites and refers to whether or not the website screens its members before allowing them to contact other members.  Among other safety features, these safety screenings can verify that all members are of legal age.

Slideshows Slideshows are an automatic image-by-image 'show' of all the pictures in a photo gallery. Slideshows are conveniently used by some sites and allow members to view all the photos in a given set without clicking through one by one.

Streaming Streaming video is video on an adult site that a member must stream/watch while on the site. Streaming video cannot be downloaded and viewed at a later time, or saved to your computer.

Sub categories The sub categories given on Nude Reviews are additional genres we feel a website caters to, although it's not the site's main focus.

Twitter The Nude Reviews Twitter account is a way to stay up to date with our latest reviews and gallery uploads, exclusive pornstar interviews and other fun stuff. You can follow our Twitter here.

Update frequency The update frequency of an adult site refers to how often new content is posted on a site.

Video DRM Video digital rights management, or DRM, is a measure of protection used by some companies that allows them to control how their videos are viewed and distributed. DRM prevents videos from being copied and redistributed.

Watermark A watermark is a brand logo or name that appears on an image or in the corner of a video.

Webmaster A webmaster is the person in charge of developing and maintaining a website.  Webmasters interested in registering with Nude Reviews can do so here.

Zip file A zip file is a compressed data file that allows you to download a large number of items in one download. Adult sites that offer zip files allow members to download entire photo galleries at once.