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Ass Smoothie

Step one: the interview. Step two: make the smoothie. Step three: enjoy the smoothie! Did we mention that the smoothies are enjoyed straight out of a hot woman's ass? Yum!

Main Category: Bizarre Fetishes
Sub Categories: All Fetishes
Site type: Network (part of The Hardcore Network)
Launched: September 2007
Reviewed: August 20, 2009
Facts Updated: May 4, 2011

Score Breakdown
Videos Photos Models Site Volume Update Frequency Exclusivity Site Design
14.0 / 20 7.0 / 10 11.2 / 15 12.0 / 15 12.0 / 15 15.0 / 15 6.5 / 10

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Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
  • Part of the hardcore network.
  • Simple easy design.
  • Unique concept - creative drink names.
  • Multiple download formats.
  • No ads or links to other sites.
  • Download pictures in a set.
  • Longer videos.
  • More bonus content.
  • Make sure all girls are cute.
Full Review of Ass Smoothie by Sabrina   Aug 20, 2009
My Score: 77.7

Wow, something I've never seen. Original, decent girls but probably not for everyone.

There isn’t anything more refreshing than a nice Ass Smoothie.  Find sexy girls putting all kinds of fruits, juices, milk and more into their asses, creating a tasty smoothie that they slurp up as an afternoon or morning snack.  Never have you tasted a Mango Madness or Berry Blend like this and neither have most of these girls, but they are willing to excite their taste buds with an ass-to-mouth drink.

From Wisconsin Tea to a rich Mint Chocolate Shake, Ass Smoothies brings you cute girls with a skill – to blend fantastic drinks in their asses.  With over 201 videos, 9,359 pictures, and hours of footage, Ass Smoothies is a unique addition to The Hardcore Network.  Ass Smoothies’ simple site and easy navigation mirror many of The Hardcore Network’s, but unlike most XXX sites on the web, Ass Smoothies combines exotic recipes + hot girls + open asses, blending up sweet drinks that these girls happily guzzle down.

Although there are no bonuses or extras, Ass Smoothies focuses on its large collection of videos which last around 10 minutes each and can be streamed on the site or downloaded in MP4, or three WMV formats: best quality, good quality or fast download.  Also, don’t forget to rate your top videos so they appear on the homepage and on The Hardcore Network’s homepage.  This exclusive content is updated every four days, so you can get your tall glass of action all the time. 

Access to the entire Hardcore Network comes with membership to Ass Smoothies ,so for $34.90 per month or cheaper if you purchase multiple months, it’s a great deal.  The Hardcore Network has 2,415 videos, over 100,000 pictures and updates twice a day across the entire network.  Also, if you want a sample, you can simply buy a two-day trial for $4.90. 

Ass Smoothies is an original, must see for yourself adult site that will tempt your taste buds and shock you when you see these girls open up their assholes, mix up a tasty drink, then sample their own ass-creation, licking their lips in pleasure.  Not for everyone, but for some this site will fill a deep craving and satisfy a sweet tooth.

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Ass Smoothie Site Details: (What you get for your money)  
Updates and Content

Update frequency: Daily Network Updates

Exclusivity: 100%

Number of videos: 250 (avg. 10 minutes)

Maximum Video Resolution: 1440x1080

Videos have watermarks

Download limit: Yes

Video DRM: None

Video Formats: WM / HD / POP / IPod

Video Type: Downloadable

Number of galleries: 250 (avg. 125 pics per gallery)

Pictures have watermarks

Only one picture size

No slideshows

No zip files

6 month: $98.90 (Non-recurring)
Trial: $2.95 (2 days) - recurrs at $39.95
Monthly: $27.95 recurring
3 month: $49.95 (Non-recurring)
Year: $89.95

This site has pre-checked cross sales.
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Ass Smoothie bizarre fetishes video
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