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Ass Fixation

Brought to you by Jules Jordan, has been "worhsipping ass since 2001."  You'll be fixated, too, as Jules and his friends pound some of the hottest babes in the industry.

Main Category: Anal Sex
Sub Categories: Hardcore Sex
Site type: Network (part of Premium Pass)
Launched: December 2006
Reviewed: August 19, 2009
Facts Updated: February 23, 2012

Score Breakdown
Videos Photos Models Site Volume Update Frequency Exclusivity Site Design
14.0 / 20 7.5 / 10 10.6 / 15 10.0 / 15 8.0 / 15 15.0 / 15 7.3 / 10

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Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
  • Exclusive content.
  • Multiple video options.
  • High quality material.
  • 15 bonus sites included with subscription.
  • No Download limit.
  • Not a large collection.
Full Review of Ass Fixation by Annabel D   Aug 19, 2009
Annabel D
My Score: 72.4

You can just tell that this site stays true to the niche it names itself after. As soon as you enter, it's wall-to-wall ass, high-resolution photos of utter ass worshipping.

Ahhh, the ass. The two big round soft globes of flesh that have the ability to bounce and shake, keeping a warm moist vagina hidden in between its depth like a precious secret or a long-awaited gift. Welcome home, ass lovers, to Ass Fixation, home of the biggest, plumpest, and juiciest asses that you’ll ever find online. I’d love to see more versatility from this site in the future; venturing outside the realm of blondes and brunettes to enter the exotic world of Asians, Latinas, ebony, and redheads would definitely be a much welcomed improvement.

One thing that you’ll notice about this site is that a lot of the videos and photos posted on here are from some of the other sites that you’ll have access to under the Premium Pass Network as a bonus. This can be quite a downfall to the area of content, because one would think that having access to 15 sites means a whole lot of material, but that is not necessarily the case. You’ll soon realize that you see a lot of the same clips over and over again on each site, being spread out I guess to take up space. Overall, the content becomes very repetitive. This isn’t to say that there won’t be any new content, just consider yourself warned that you will see a lot of repeats.

There aren’t any scheduled additions coming soon, but the last dated content was pretty recent so let’s hope that we get to see more hot asses and bubble butts from Ass Fixation.

There are a little over 105 movies on the site, with full-lengths ranging between 25 to 45 minutes. The quality is good, not great, but good enough that it won’t take away from the site. The photos, however, are definitely something to talk about – extremely high quality, with perfect resolution. Sadly, there are only about 18 photo sets currently with 50-70 photos in each shoot. You’ll drool over the pictures, with their close-ups of asses and pussies spread wide open in awesome positions.

For the content presently on the site, you can pay $2.95 for a trial membership. It’d actually be your best bet to run with the full access subscription. It pays off in the end because, while the trial upgrades to $39.95 monthly, you can just skip the additional $10 added by signing up for full access for $29.95 monthly, or $59.95 for three months. You can also go for the year membership of $89.50 which works out to $7.45 monthly.

Overall, I can honestly say that I was a little disappointed by the content. Yeah, the collection is a rather small one, but my primary issue is the lack of ass. This site prides itself on being worshippers of ass since 2001, but there isn’t much focus there. Yes, there’s lot of anal, but not as many close-ups or focus on the asses themselves, which is what I think we, as ass lovers, primarily look for. This site doesn’t stay true to its niche, but will still be enjoyable to those who are okay with seeing typical cock-to-ass or cock-to-pussy pounding action.

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Ass Fixation Site Details: (What you get for your money)  
Updates and Content

Update frequency: Daily Network Updates

Exclusivity: Mostly Exclusive

Number of videos: 110 (avg. 35 minutes)

Maximum Video Resolution: 720x480

Videos have watermarks

Download limit: None

Video DRM: None

Video Formats: WM / MPEG / POP / IPod

Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming

Number of galleries: 40 (avg. 60 pics per gallery)

Pictures have watermarks

Only one picture size

No slideshows

Offers zip files

Monthly: Original Price: $29.95 recurring
Our Price: $19.95 recurring
Year: $89.50

Free Galleries from Ass Fixation 1,416 galleries

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