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3D Kink

This site features an interactive adult video game based in the world of bondage and fetish. Members can create and control their own scenes of BDSM debauchery

Main Category: Animated Porn
Sub Categories: All Fetishes
Site type: Pay Site
Launched: September 2009
Reviewed: September 22, 2010
Facts Updated: September 13, 2011

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Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
  • Interesting kink sex games.
  • Plays on many system configurations.
  • Good animation and options.
  • Only a small amoung of photos, but primarily a game site.
Full Review of 3D Kink by Ryan   Sep 22, 2010
My Score: 80.0

3D Kink is not your typical fetish porn site. It comes from, one of the biggest names in fetish porn, and it's a fully interactive 3D game. While there are plenty of sex games kicking around, so few of them actually turn out to be remotely hot, so it's great to see that Kink has entered in this arena.

The members area is really just to let you know about the latest additions to the software. The 3D Kink download is front and center on the site. There's a gallery that gives you plenty of screenshots so you can have fuel for your sexual fantasies and it gives you a preview of the many different types of models you can create.

The installation process for 3D Kink is pretty straightforward, with a lot of clicking the "Next" button. You log in to the program with your username and password for the 3D Kink site. You need to be on a computer with internet access to use this program. Although Kink does not appear to have published any system requirements for this software, it runs pretty good on a low-end netbook with integrated graphics, so you should have no problem with the vast majority of computers out there. Just make sure to update your graphics card drivers prior to opening the software, if you haven't updated in some time.

When you first open up 3D Kink it is going to go through a full update to get all of the latest updates to the program. This process will take some time, so you'll want to go grab a drink while you wait. You have several different menu options starting out: New Scene and Toy Editor are the main ones. The Toy Editor allows you to create your own sex toy using a number of different sliding scales that control length, width, bends, curves and color. It's easy and entertaining to use.

You'll be spending the bulk of your time with the New Scene section. You can create models representing yourself, your partner and a threesome partner. Each model allows you to customize many different attributes from clothing to gags to faces on the bodies. It would have been nice to have more base accessories and choices with the models.  You can buy more models and accessories in the sex shop, and it looks like it comes with 25,000 sexpoints to start off with. All you do is select an item and choose Buy Now to add it to your game. When you run out of Sexpoints it does not tell you how to get more, so you'll have to keep playing to figure it out apparently.

There are several different game modes. You have Quickmode, Freemode, Storymode, Sequencer and Pose Edit. The pose edit just allows you to create your own poses and probably should have been included in the main menu. The sequencer gives you a time line style to choose poses, actions, camera angles and more. Context menus allow you to choose a number of outfits, actions, emotes and voices for each model in the scene. Quickmode allows you to jump right into the game, Freemode and Storymode give you the opportunity to gain sex coins and are more involved than Quickmode.

The gameplay is pretty straightforward and the graphics are pretty good. Load times for each game did seem to take some time to get everything started up. The animations are pretty good although the boobs are far too bouncy and someone is going to get a black eye. You drag actions and toys from your sex browser down to hotkey bars in order to use them. It's somewhat non-intuitive on how to get some of the toys and accessories working. A pleasure and pain meter lets you know how you're doing.

3D Kink is an interesting offering from Kink and not their typical deal at all. There's a lot to play around with in this game and if interactive sex games are your thing you'll probably like this one. For a first timer you might spend too much time on getting it to work to your liking than thinking about whacking off to it.

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Updates and Content

Update frequency: Undated Updates

Exclusivity: 100%

Number of pictures: 86

Pictures have watermarks

Only one picture size

No slideshows

No zip files

Trial: $9.99 (3 days) - recurrs at $29.99
Monthly: $29.99 recurring
3 month: $59.99 recurring

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