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My Dirty Teen Girlfriend

Tired of scripted porn scenes? My Dirty Teen Girlfriend is a website full of real homemade porn videos, submitted by young women who just want to share their wild times.

Main Category: Teen 18+
Sub Categories: Hardcore Sex, Young Adult
Site type: Network (part of Homemade Video Pass)
Launched: February 2009
Reviewed: August 22, 2009
Facts Updated: August 26, 2011

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Videos Photos Models Site Volume Update Frequency Exclusivity Site Design
19.0 / 20 0.0 / 10 10.0 / 15 5.0 / 15 10.0 / 15 14.5 / 15 6.0 / 10

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Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
  • Regular updates
  • Good quality (for its purpose)
  • Multiple video viewing options
  • Nice bonuses
  • No photos
  • Small site
Full Review of My Dirty Teen Girlfriend by Annabel D   Aug 22, 2009
Annabel D
My Score: 64.5

This site definitely stays true to the niche. Gone are the glamour doll babes you normally see on other porn sites; these girls are cute and natural, doing what comes to them naturally on film for only their boyfriends's eyes to see. Or so they th

Nothing is better than real porn. The glammed-up professional studio photos and movies are fun for a while, but there is such a thing as too perfect. The moans are too perfect, the lighting is too perfect, and after a while, you start expecting to hear a director say “Cut! Print!” Overall, it just becomes a little too ‘lights camera action.’ And with that being said, I bring you

On this site, there isn’t any special lighting, and there isn’t a director. All there is, is a cute babe, her boyfriend or girlfriend, and a camera to let us in on their pure x-rated, uncut fun. On this site, you’ll find your girl next door, the cashier at the super market, the chick at the bus stop. And you’ll find them in a way you’ve never seen them before, but have always wanted to. Minus their good-girl demeanor, and knee deep in cock-sucking, pussy pounding, cum guzzling action.

One of my favorite things about this site are the video descriptions. Instead of just clicking on the movie, as eager as you are to watch, you really should read them. Knowing what’s going on in the scene makes it that much hotter. You can read about the interview gone bad when the girl didn’t get the job but got banged. You’ll read about the trusting young girl who loved her boyfriend so much, enough to let him film her, just knowing the tape wouldn’t get into anyone else’s hands. Well, I’m watching her now, so I guess the rest is history!

You can’t expect professionalism. This is an amateur site, and so you’ll have bad audio every now and then, and the camera will constantly be shifting and changing unless it’s one of the cases where the couple doesn’t know their being filmed and the camera is discreetly kept in one position where they probably don’t notice it. With that being said, considering the nature and the niche, I would say the quality is good. It’s supposed to look unprofessional, and it does, so don’t expect anything different. Understandably, there aren’t any photos on the site besides the thumbnails that are really just stills from the actual movie. The site currently has a little over 40 movies, each one running 20 minutes long. The quality is, as I mentioned, what should be expected in an amateur/voyeurism site; dull lighting, etc.

For these 100% real, homemade movies, you pay $24.95. I think it’s worth it;, I absolutely loved the idea of peeking in on a couple’s bedroom to see what goes on behind their closed doors. With weekly updates adding to the growth and development of, I believe that everyone would get turned on by the content posted, especially those who have a taste for voyeurism. If you don’t, you’ll enjoy this nonetheless, watching real couples get it on. Happy downloading!


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Updates and Content

Update frequency: Daily Network Updates

Exclusivity: 100%

Number of videos: 83 (avg. 30 minutes)

Maximum Video Resolution: 640x480

Videos have watermarks

Download limit: None

Video DRM: None

Video Formats: WM / Flash

Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming

Monthly: $17.95 recurring

This site has pre-checked cross sales.
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