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Sock Hunter    
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Sock Hunter

Striped socks, knee-highs, schoolgirl white...the girls on Sock Hunter are all about showing off their socks and feet and even more of their hot bodies for your enjoyment.

Main Category: Feet
Sub Categories: All Fetishes, Soft Content
Site type: Network (part of Chicks In Socks)
Launched: February 2009
Reviewed: November 23, 2009
Facts Updated: November 23, 2009

Score Breakdown
Videos Photos Models Site Volume Update Frequency Exclusivity Site Design
16.5 / 20 0.0 / 10 14.0 / 15 7.0 / 15 13.0 / 15 10.0 / 15 5.5 / 10

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Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
  • Frequent updates.
  • Network access pass.
  • Decent quality.
  • Great price.
  • There is room for growth.
  • Minimal download and viewing options.
  • No pictures.
Full Review of Sock Hunter by Annabel D   Nov 23, 2009
Annabel D
My Score: 66.0

Walking into this site, you know you won't be disappointed. You come here for one thing, and this crew is making sure you get exactly what you want: socks! ankle socks, tube socks, patterned socks, plain socks, socks with holes...either way you look at it, you are clicking into a world of socks and the sexy babes who wear them.

During a certain time of the year, duck hunters go out and hunt…duck. Deer hunters go out and hunt deer and sock hunters hunt socks. Okay, so I may have lost you a bit on the last one; sock hunters hunt socks year round! So it’s only normal that there would be a website devoted solely to socks and their devoted sock lovers (that would be you!). Whether you’re a fan of ankle socks or a fiend for the old fashioned tube socks, sock hunter sounds just about right for you.

What is it about socks, anyway? I think it’s the innocent school girl look they give off. Either that or the teeny tiny shorts babes love to pair them with. Either one is a win/win scenario. The best part about this site is that you don’t have to hunt up the socks…the sock hunters actually do all the work and then bring you the colorful array of sexy socks they manage to find, along with the hot babes still wearing them.

Sock Hunter is a newbie site and hasn’t been around for even a year yet. This hasn’t stopped these socks from pairing up and giving you a decent sized archive. Currently there are close to 70 movies. And it’s no wonder! This crew advertises their updates as coming in twice each month. It’s hard to tell whether or not that is factual as some of the content isn’t dated, but they have a decent sized archive nonetheless considering the short time they’ve been around. Keep ‘em comin'!

The qualities of the movies are sadly not in high definition. Nevertheless, the visual is decent. Looking back on their older material, I can definitely see improvements, and a site that improves on quality shows that they’re dedicated to providing their members with the best and are striving the get there. Big points for that.  Each episode is about 5 minutes, which is pretty short, but they are all full scene episodes.

I was hugely disappointed to discover that Sock Hunter doesn’t have any pictures! Movies are great but it takes high resolution photography to slow things down for you and give you the close up shots that you crave. They lose a lot of points for that.

Sock Hunter is a package deal. This means that when you sign up (and only for a mere $14.95 a month, might I add…) you have access to Sock Hunter as well as 3 other like-themed sites: Chicks in Socks, Kissable Toes, and Fetish Crazy. If you’re a lover of feet and everything associated with them, then this network is a pass you should definitely feel free to indulge in.

These days, more and more women are aiming for heels, sandals, any type of footwear BUT socks. Luckily at, socks are IN! The clothes come off and the socks stay on. I really hate the fact there aren’t any photos to indulge in, and I hate it even more that even the displayed shots are actually just stills from the actual movies. In the end, if you can forgive them for that, which I guess I can, then you’ll enjoy Sock Hunter. They have a lot more working for them as opposed to a few things working against them.  A constantly growing collection, good quality movies, and a network access pass..what more do you need? And all for just 15 bucks a month? I don’t even know why you’re still here…hurry! Get ready to hunt up some socks! 

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Sock Hunter Site Details: (What you get for your money)  
Updates and Content

Update frequency: Twice/Three Times a Week

Exclusivity: Some Exclusive Material

Number of videos: 70 (avg. 5 minutes)

Maximum Video Resolution: 720x480

Videos have watermarks

Download limit: Yes

Video DRM: None

Video Formats: WM

Video Type: Downloadable

Monthly: $14.95 recurring
3 month: $39.95 (Non-recurring)
Year: $100.00

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