Gianna Michaels

There’s something in her eyes, or maybe it’s the seductive arches of her eyebrows, or it might just be her all-natural Double-D breasts and those perfectly supple nipples that are just the beginning of what defines Gianna Michaels—one of porn’s most recognized stars.  Before you press the play button, take note not to succumb too easily to her seductive eyes, which truly are portals into her soul that reveal a woman who legitimately loves what she does—and knows what she’s doing!

Whether you’re watching Gianna in a POV, one-on-one, lesbian, interracial, group, or anal scene, you’ll always find her performing much like an artist, offering you the perfect proportion of teasing, “come hither” eyes, and all-out indulgence in whoever is lucky enough to be on set with her.  As if all her technique and expertise wasn’t enough, she also has the ability to make a connection with the viewer because of her authentic and fun nature.  You can tell that Gianna is not only a real, genuine woman, but also a woman who really loves what she does.

Most recently, she’s been exposing her talents with Bang Bros, including the 2012 release of “One and Only Sexy Gianna” that showcases all her beauty with all her years of industry experience. Between her “sexy-meets-cute” face, amazing rack, and round thick ass, you may find yourself conflicted between what assets to admire most.  But in the end, one thing is for sure: Gianna Michaels will have you coming again and again for more—no pun intended!

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Lesbian Couple Enjoys Rough Sex

Lesbians.  Licking.  Loving it.  The Brazzers network brings you another kinky lesbian scene, this time between two hot blondes (Brandi Love and Nicole Graves) who’ve just arrived home and proceed to remove each other’s dresses with fiery temptation.  The setting in the scene is simple enough: a cozy, warm living room and a soft couch on top of which these hot lesbians will fulfill their deepest fantasies, including oral, fingering, and topping it off at the end with some clit rubbing (where both women rub their clits against each other, resulting in climaxing orgasms).

As is common with Brazzers’ videos, the quality is top notch and recorded in piercing high-definition, giving you a window into the world of these two horny ladies.  Speaking of these ladies: just look at them!  There is clearly a dominant energy in the scene, with Brandi Love taking a bit of a dominating role over Nicole Graves as commands are given and orders are taken.  Nicole, the cuter and shorter one in the love-making, plays the role of the slightly naïve and hesitant lesbian, who slowly opens up like a flower to Brandi’s lead.  You’ll be pleased to see these two beauties indulge in each other, with Brandi’s tall body, big breasts, and slender figure merging with Nicole’s similarly large boobs and round ass.

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Ann Marie Rios: Brains and that booty!

Ann Marie Rios was superfly. I know you would think that is normally something to be said about a cool-ass dude, but she really was. Sharp as a tack too. For all you porn lovers out there that think these girls don’t know their stuff…I’d put Ann Marie on Jeopardy any day of the week. Enjoy our interview!
Part one:

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Part two:

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Bailey Jay = Coolest Ever…Period!

Bailey Jay was cooler to chat with than all of my friends combined on a conference call. She even refers to herself in social settings as “a beer crushing frat guy”. I honestly could have chatted with her for an hour, just shootin’ the shit and talking about anything. I hope I cross paths with her sooner than later and we can catch up again. Enjoy the interview and remember, this chick rocks!

Part one:

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Part two:

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MILF Week is like a 7 Day Boner…

There are still a few things in this dark and scary world that get my blood pumping. One of them is a stern kick to the junk, the other is MILF Week over at NaughtyAmerica. I know what you are thinking, MILF Week cannot be better than Shark Week…but it is. MILF’s pouring in from every single nook and cranny on the Internet, and it lasts a whole week! Trust me on this one, take the tour and see for yourself. MILF Week.

What’s That, In Your Back Pocket?

Sweet Shoes…

When I come across a picture as amazing as this one, I always feel compelled to share. Believe it or not, this is actually a new ad campaign for Nike. Ok, don’t believe it. But how fantastic is that body paint? I wonder if the people in the background knew it was body paint, or perhaps just another girl in a tank-top and jean shorts. That dude with the sunglasses is thanking his lucky stars that he decided to leave the house with his shades on. I know exactly where his eyes are pointing from underneath those blue-blockers. He is a wise man, and if we were to cross paths one day, I’d shake his hand and offer him a refreshment.