Alexis Texas

They say “everything’s bigger in Texas”…well, the State of Texas should consider making this porn star their spokesperson!  Alexis Texas: imagine a beautiful white girl: straw-blonde hair, blue-gray eyes, and a Barbie-doll facial composition that is enough to arouse most men.  Now, add to that image a round, bubbly, bouncy ass that defies gravity as it stays suspended with perfect circular shapeliness.  If you already stained your pants, then you have successful envisioned Alexis Texas—a very famous porn star who is shattering the old stereotype that “only black girls can have the juiciest asses.”

It seems Alexis Texas has a little bit for everyone.  Not a fan of a huge, thick ass?  Then maybe you’ll love her perfectly natural, perky little tits—certainly small in comparison to her ass, but they add nice variety to her.  It’s almost as if Alexis—this small-town girl from Texas—could not keep her voluptuous nature concealed despite her “white-girl” face and perky little tits.  The round, bouncy bottom on this babe always gave it away: this is a girl who developed an ass for a reason: to show it off to the rest of the world!  Aren’t you lucky?

Alexis Texas mostly does one-on-one porn, has only a handful of anal scenes, and does not do interracial.  Although these may seem like limitations, they increase the value of those little gems you might find as you surf the internet, stumbling upon those rare anal scenes.  Her most recent release is “Girls of Bangbros #10: Alexis Texas” and it’s a real ride!

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