Jesse Jordan Interview cont.

Jesse Jordan:  Hello?

Nude Reviews: Jesse! Hey, it’s Mack from Nude Reviews. How are you?

Jesse Jordan: Hey! What’s up?

NR: I’m so sorry about last week, I have to apologize.

Jesse Jordan: Hey, don’t worry about it. It’s totally not a big deal.

NR: No, it’s funny. I mean, you can even ask Shel. It’s totally not my fault, in fact there’s really like no one to blame. It just kinda, the software we use to record just kinda went a little haywire and we had to fix it. So it’s all good now though, so we’re good to go now, I promise.

Jesse Jordan: [Laughs] Okay, okay, no worries, no worries. I had time today anyways so it works out.

NR: Is there anything, has anything like crazy happened since the last time I talked to you?

Jesse Jordan: Well, um, I do have a new person doing P.R. work for me. So I have a new publicist.

NR:  That’s awesome!

Jesse Jordan: Yeah, I’m with Galaxy Publicity now.

NR: Okay.

Jesse Jordan:  Um, and so they’re going to be doing some cool stuff for me coming up. I’m going to be signing at their booth at XFANZ in June.

NR: Where’s that at?

Jesse Jordan: XFANZ is in Vegas. It’s at the Hard Rock Hotel, it’s cool.

NR: And that’s just for the fans, basically?

Jesse Jordan: Yeah. Well, it’s a big convention. There’s going to be, well, there’s going to be a lot of people. There’s no real big award show or anything, but I think they do give out a couple of awards. But it’s not an AVN type show.

NR: Yeah, it’s kinda like what was just here in Miami. It’s a lot like Exxxotica, I think.

Jesse Jordan: Yeah, it’s more…they call it, it’s like an expo. More like a little convention where people get to come meet us and you get to hang out, and have a good time. It should be a pretty good thing.

NR: Very cool. Now this, this is probably really good for you. So like, hopefully you know, you’ll have stuff like this going on more often. And you won’t have to go and set it up yourself. You’ll have someone to do it for you.

Jesse Jordan: Oh yeah, for sure. It’s going to make my life a whole lot easier.

NR: That’s perfect. Were you working at all this past week, or have you um, just taken it easy?

Jesse Jordan: Oh yeah! I worked a couple of times this past week. Last time I talked to you, had I done my live show with PornoDan yet for Squirtomania?

NR: No you hadn’t. No.

Jesse Jordan: Oh, alright! So we’re all the way back. Okay, well, last Monday, yeah, I did a live show with PornoDan for Squirtomania which was pretty awesome.

NR: Awesome.

Jesse Jordan: Um, I haven’t worked for Immortal Productions that much before so, and so they didn’t really know what to expect but I think from what everybody said at the end of the shoot, they were all really happy. And they didn’t know I could squirt like 18 million feet in the air so that was cool too. [Laughs]

NR: I’m telling you, that’s a rare talent.

Jesse Jordan: [Laughs] I do what I can, I do what I can.

NR: No, it really is. And I think uh, no, I’m telling ya, you should stick with that. I mean it.

Jesse Jordan: Yeah, it was pretty good. I did a couple of other things last week too, um, I shot…the day after that I shot for um, Porn Pros’ Cumshot Surprise.

NR: Okay.

Jesse Jordan: Which is one the websites that has to do with getting a lot of fake jizz squirted on your face like 8 times.

NR: A lot of fake jizz on your face [laughs] I’m sure there’s some great high quality images from that shoot.

Jesse Jordan: Yeah, absolutely ridiculous. It was the messiest thing ever. Oh! And someone called the cops on us while we were doing that shoot.

NR: Jesus, where? Were you guys like outside for a little?

Jesse Jordan: Well, yeah, we were out. We were at like a pool area, like right besides the pool. Well, because it gets real messy so we didn’t want to do it inside, and there was three guys and another girl with me in the shoot. So we’re all naked, we’re all shooting and there’s a bunch of people outside and it’s not in the open but from like, the two neighboring houses you can kinda see where we are…

NR: Was there like, a little kid in the window watching? That’d be bad.

Jesse Jordan: Oh gosh, I have no idea but.

NR: [Laughs]

Jesse Jordan: But cops just started like patrolling our little area.

NR: Really?

Jesse Jordan: So we had to cut it short. And um, film the rest tomorrow.

NR: Oooh, but you guys ended up finishing it up though?

Jesse Jordan: Huh?

NR: You still ended up finishing it?

Jesse Jordan: Oh yeah, yeah, we got to finish it and everything. We just kinda went underneath the veranda where people couldn’t see us.

NR: I’m telling you, that happens a lot. You gotta, you know, you gotta get in and get out really quick or else. You stay too long and people will find you and somebody’ll call the cops. It always happens.

Jesse Jordan: I know, right? It’s crazy. And um, let’s see what else. I shot uh, two other scenes last week.

NR: Cool.

Jesse Jordan: Um, I did a dialogue gig for Brazzers last week.

NR: I think you told me that you had that coming up. I remember you saying that you had something coming up for Brazzers, I remember that.

Jesse Jordan: Oh, okay. Yeah, I did.

NR: How’d that go?

Jesse Jordan: Yeah, I was just, I was one of the girls in the scene who had dialogue and like a little acting piece but didn’t actually do anything in the scene. But it was cute, it was with uh, Sasha Heart was the girl who was called. Um, I think she just started doing boy/girl but she [unclear]. It was good times. We did it in like this little 50s diner and you had to like, dress up.

NR: That’s cool.

Jesse Jordan: Yeah, we had to dress up like Greaser girls, it was cute.

NR: Do you like…oh, that’s awesome. Do you like doing that more? When you feel more like an actress as opposed to, you know, doing more of your, you know, what you do more on the day-to-day? Do you like to switch things up a little bit?

Jesse Jordan: Yeah. I mean, honestly, I like doing both. I like doing the straight sex scenes ‘cause we can just get down to business.

NR: [Laughs]

Jesse Jordan: But I like doing those too, where we get to do dialogue. It’s a lot of fun and you can kinda add your own acting abilities to it, and I kinda like that.

NR: How…do you….

Jesse Jordan: I hope that soon I’ll be able to do some parodies. Some people say that I can act a little bit.

NR: No, that’s what I was going to say. How would you rate yourself as an actress?

Jesse Jordan: Um, I’m not going to talk myself up but I think I do okay. Um, I’ve taken acting classes and I’ve gone to school for film. And um, I’ve done mainstream work before too. I live right in the Hollywood area.

NR: Yeah, yeah.

Jesse Jordan: And, right, whenever I’d take a break from the business, I’d do a lot of mainstream work. So I kinda know how that whole scene is and I have a little bit of experience there.

NR: Well, you’re pretty good at what you’re doing now, so I would stick with it, if I were you.

Jesse Jordan: [Laughs] Cool, thanks.

NR: So you’re still in California right now, obviously. Um, any, do you have any travel plans coming up? Or are you going anywhere for work, besides…? I know you say Vegas pretty soon but anything else on your plate? Or?

Jesse Jordan: Um, all I really have planned so far is that trip to Vegas.

NR:  Mhm.

Jesse Jordan: And I think there are going to be some conventions and stuff coming up here in the summer. Um, you that I heard about is in Chicago…Exxxtacy.

NR: Okay.

Jesse Jordan: And I might be going to that, I don’t quite sure yet, but I would actually like to come back to Miami sometime to shoot ‘cause I had a lot of fun down there.

NR: Definitely, come back to Miami, of course.

Jesse Jordan: [Laughs]

NR: Greatest city in America.

Jesse Jordan: Well, it’s funny, because the first time I ever went to Miami, I was really, really reluctant because…

NR: Why?

Jesse Jordan: I was so comfortable here.

NR: Yeah, I understand.

Jesse Jordan: And [laughs] and the only times I’ve ever visited Florida were to either shoot for Bang Bros or Reality Kings for like one day and then I’d just fly home.

NR: So you were in and out. Right.

Jesse Jordan: Right. So the first time I came down there, which was for like a week or a week and a half, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know if I was going to like it, I didn’t know if I was going to have fun. I was like “oh, it’s going to be so hot” but I actually ended up having a really good time. Um, I was shooting pretty much every day so I didn’t get to see that much, but I did get to go to South Beach my last night there.

NR: No, that’s awesome. It’s a lot of fun. It’s different. It’s not really like any other city I’ve been to in the States, you know? It’s pretty unique. But I mean, so is L.A. But um, you know, Miami’s definitely got a whole different vibe so I think people either love it or hate it.

Jesse Jordan: Right, I agree with you.

NR: Do you, um, do you ever run into any of your fans in the street? Do you ever get recognized?

Jesse Jordan: Um, I have. Only pretty recently though. That’s pretty funny.

NR: Some crazy guy come running up yelling “Jesse, Jesse!”

Jesse Jordan: Well, it’s funny. The most recent things that have happened to me like that, um, were just when I would be out at clubs or something like that.

NR: Mhm.

Jesse Jordan: And um, I remember,  I was at a club right down the street from me and I just started talking to this guy at the bar and he asked me if I was in the adult business so I was like “Well, yeah” and he goes “Oh, okay, I’ve seen you on this website before.” [Laughs]

NR: Hey now!

Jesse Jordan: It wasn’t like awkward or anything, it was just kinda one of those things. It has happened to me too before, people have come up and asked my friends “Hey, does that girl to porn? I think I’ve seen her somewhere.” But um, I don’t know. I haven’t really, I haven’t had an experience really where someone really random and creepy just approaches me on the street and is like “Oh my god, I’m your biggest fan.”

NR: Yeah. Do you ever get calls from like ex-boyfriends or like high school boyfriends? Maybe they’re still bragging about you like “Oh, I used to bang a porn star” or does that not happen?

Jesse Jordan: No, that stuff totally happens, are you kidding me?

NR: Really?

Jesse Jordan: It’s really funny. It’s like all these people who never, I was never ever friends with in high school , and.

NR: Yeah, they start hitting you up.

Jesse Jordan: Yeah, and thought I was a huge loser. Like now they want to be my friends and they want to like friend me on Facebook and ask me how I’m doing. Or like “Hey! I want to come out to Hollywood and party with you.” [Laughs]

NR: You’re like “Great, come to Hollywood but please don’t call me”, you know. Exactly.

Jesse Jordan: Right?

NR: Are you single right now?

Jesse Jordan: Yes I am.

NR: Recently?

Jesse Jordan: Yes I am. Yes I am and I have been…sorry?

NR: Is it recent or has it been like that for a little while?

Jesse Jordan: Um, it’s been like that for a while.

NR: What’s up with that?

Jesse Jordan: Well, whenever I left the business I’d be dating someone and…

NR: Yeah, right.

Jesse Jordan: Obviously when we broke up I’d come back after that and uh, it’s hard for me to maintain a relationship while being in the business at the same time. Um…

NR: I just…

Jesse Jordan: First of all, I am busy a lot. And that makes it tough, but it’s just so hard to find a guy who is actually okay with what I do, like 100%. And…

NR: Yeah, what’s why I’ve always thought, that like I see a lot of girls that date guys who are in the industry and that makes a lot of sense. Like, okay, that could be really easy to do but I just, I’ve always just thought like to have a girlfriend in the industry and then a guy who like works at a desk job, 9 to 5, just you know, like Johnny Normal, would be really hard to pull off. I feel like it’s just destined for failure, you know?

Jesse Jordan: Yeah, well, I mean, some guys think it’s cool whenever you start going out with them.

NR: Yeah, exactly.

Jesse Jordan: But it just becomes this whole big thing. It becomes a problem and whatever. And I honestly don’t mind, like um, I’d just, I’d rather be single and have my life be easier than have it be like, than have to work on a relationship that’s super complicated. Because I feel like if it happens, then it’s just going to happen on its own.

NR: No, you don’t want it to be complicated. That’s too much of a pain, nobody wants that. You know?

Jesse Jordan: [Laughs] Right?

NR: Exactly. Well, tell me something, tell me something the fans would want to know about you that they might not already know.

Jesse Jordan: Something the fans would like to know about me…Oh, I am starting a video blog, um, on YouTube and I actually took my first video for it yesterday. Um, I went to the beach with Gracie Glam, ‘cause we went to see a concert.

NR: Mhm.

Jesse Jordan: And um, I’m taking, I’m going to start taking these video blogs like every couple of days or so, um, just so that everyone can kinda see what I’m up to, like outside of porn. You know?

NR: That’s awesome.

Jesse Jordan: Like yesterday I went to the beach, and I went to a concert. And like, this weekend I’m going to go shoot guns in Torrance, California ‘cause that’s where I like to go.

NR: Woah. Be careful, be careful. Alright?

Jesse Jordan: And um, so. [Laughs] Okay, I will.

NR: Well, Nude Reviews, we have our own YouTube channel so I’m going to totally hit up yours and we’re going to be friends, alright?

Jesse Jordan: Awesome, that sounds good. But yeah, I, uh, you know, I figured it’d be ton of fun to share with people what I do in a regular basis whenever I’m not…

NR: Well, people can find, I mean, people can find a ton of stuff about you doing your job online but they don’t get to see anything of you when you’re not doing that. So I think that’s a great idea. You kidding me? That’s perfect.

Jesse Jordan: [Laughs] Right, for sure. I think it’ll be fun.

NR: It makes tons of sense, absolutely.

Jesse Jordan: Yeah.

NR: Alright, Jess, well, I’m gonna let you get going but I really, really appreciate you doing this again. I know, um, I know we should’ve had it done last time but I’m sorry about that. So, thank you.

Jesse Jordan: Aw, no problem, don’t worry about it. If you guys ever want to give me a call again, I’m around.

NR: Oh no, absolutely. I think we’re gonna have to do this again and uh, I really appreciate it. You were a trooper, alright?

Jesse Jordan: Alright, thank you.

NR: Alright, take care Jesse.

Jesse Jordan: Alright, see ya.

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