Angela Aspen Interview, Cont.

Angela Aspen: Hello?

Nude Reviews: Angela!

Angela Aspen: This is Angela.

NR: How are you? It’s Mack at

Angela Aspen: Yes, how are you?

NR: I’m good. Are you on your cell phone?

Angela Aspen: Yes.

NR: It’s going in and out a little bit, I’m sorry. I can hear you okay but there is a little bit of static.


Angela Aspen: Okay, can you hear me a little better?

NR: That’s a lot better, I appreciate it. Thank you

Angela Aspen: You bet. So how are you doing?

NR: I’m good, what are you up to?

Angela Aspen: Like I said, just tanning and getting ready to go out and party tonight.

NR: Sounds good. I’m just drinking a beer in my office, getting ready for Friday night.

Angela Aspen: [laughs] Nice.

NR: It gets a little loose here on Fridays. We are porn review site, so you can imagine the day-to-day.

Angela Aspen: Yeah, my typical days are quite interestingā€¦

NR: So where are you right now?

Angela Aspen: I am in Sherman Oaks, off of Ventura and Sepulveda.

NR: Alright, well I’m in Miami Beach…Sherman Oaks, Ventura, you are in California then, correct?

Angela Aspen: I am.

NR: Very nice. Are you stationed out there for good? You are originally from Colorado, right?

Angela Aspen: Uh huh, I was travelling back and forth. In the summertime I go and do several weekends of backpacking and then I’m back in LA.

NR: So you’ve still got that Colorado outdoor vibe going on?

Angela Aspen: Oh yeah. I’m Lara Croft, Tomb Raider…the badass little girl

NR: I like it. Do you ski?

Angela Aspen: I ski, snowboard, backpack, wakeboard; you name it, I do it.

NR: That’s awesome. I try to tell everybody I know, if they haven’t been to Colorado they should go, it’s totally different. It’s not like any other state, it’s very unique.

Angela Aspen: And the girls are hot! The girls are fit, athletic and they are hot. They are not prima donnas. They are not these little LA divas.

NR: Are you managing the LA divas alright, or are they too much for you?

Angela Aspen: You know what, this week, and I twittered about it. These people are so nice, they are letting me practice being an LA bitch. [laughs] They are making me crazy!

NR: If you’ve gotta lay down the law, you probably could. You’re 5’10”, right?

Angela Aspen: Yup.

NR: Don’t be afraid to intimidate the LA prima donnas. If you gotta get physical, you get physical, alright?

Angela Aspen: [laughs] I only get physical in one kind of way. I’m definitely a lover not a fighter.

NR: Alright, me too. Well speaking of getting physical…what have you been doing lately? What’s been your most recent project, what have you been working on?

Angela Aspen: That’s easy, my website. I have about 40 scenes ready to go. With Nikki Benz, Puma, Kelly Divine‘s big ass. I have tons of hot girls and we are ready to launch my website. It’s probably gonna be right after AVN, if not before AVN. I am excited about that.

NR: You’ve just been focused on getting the content ready, then just go full board with it?

Angela Aspen: Yeah. During the summer, whenever i took the summer to go backpacking I also took every opportunity to film. Here’s me, backpacking, doing a solo scene by the side of a stream. Wherever I saw an opportunity, or on the speedboats with a bunch of strippers. I made things happen.

NR: Whatever is out there, make the best of it. I like it.

Angela Aspen: Oh yeah, absolutely.

NR: A little impromptu content. So you are definitely headed out to Vegas then, right?

Angela Aspen: For AVN, absolutely. Monstar has me working the red carpet at AVN, it’s gonna be my first year. They have me hosting a party at one of the nightclubs, there are so many parties, it’s ridiculous. It’s like I can’t even get drunk because I have to go from one party to another to another. I have to stay on my game.

NR: This is gonna be your first time?

Angela Aspen: Yup. My cherry popper!

NR: You nervous?

Angela Aspen: Umm, no. Actually I’ve been spending four hours a day in the gym. Two hours in the morning, two hours at night and just looking as ridiculously hot as ever. That’s been my whole objective.

NR: You’re a very hot girl, I must say so myself.

Angela Aspen: Thank you.

NR: That’s pretty badass, that much time in the gym, really?

Angela Aspen: Heck yeah!

NR: I don’t know what would happen to me if I did four hours in the gym. I’d be in bad shape.

Angela Aspen: Oh no, you’d be a little meathead! I’d hand you some chicken breast and broccoli and say, “Come on, bitch!”

NR: That’s right. Chicken breast, broccoli, oatmeal, steroids, all the normal stuff.

Angela Aspen: [laughs]

NR: So, post-AVN, you just wanna get all that stuff launched and just focus solely on the website. That’s pretty much it? Anything else brewing or not really?

Angela Aspen: I’m actually going to be going interracial in 2010 just because I’m not a 5-foot spinner and I think [unclear] you just wanna keep fucking white-boys or do you wanna switch over to the dark-side?? I’m switching to the dark-side this year.

NR: The dark-side! Don’t make it sound bad. It’s not a bad thing!

Angela Aspen: Oh no, it’s definitely not bad! In fact I’m gonna be enjoying it tonight in my personal life.

NR: Oh, hey! Hey now, hey now. It’s funny, I spoke with Sara Jay recently and she is obviously no stranger to doing a lot of interracial work. She just loves it. She absolutely loves it. That’s exciting. It’s a huge draw, there are a lot of fans out there that want to see that. I’m sure your fans will love it. They are gonna love anything you do, but I’m sure they will be happy.

Angela Aspen: Aww you’re sweet. In Colorado, we don’t have any black people. We imported the Broncos and the Nuggets. When Obama got off the plane for the national convention, he was like, “What the fuck.” We just don’t have black people, so I am like a kid in a candy store around here, all these donkey dongs.

NR: You’re excited, just be careful.

Angela Aspen: I’m becoming a size queen.

NR: Don’t turn into one of those, come on.

Angela Aspen: I know, I’m supposed to like the average. I’ve always loved the average.

NR: I thought it was about the motion in the ocean, come on.

Angela Aspen: Right, right, that’s what they say. Who are those girls?

NR: It’s not about the size of the boat, okay.

Angela Aspen: [laughs]

NR: What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this? Plain and simple.

Angela Aspen: I would definitely be a mountaineer. I’m two years away from owning a bed and breakfast in Telluride. I’m a hustler. I wear the cheapest shoes from Ross so that in two years I have a nice bed and breakfast in Telluride. I want to have snowmobiles and skis, snowshoes and a hot tub. I want to host the world’s people. The worlds people come to Telluride and Aspen. I wanna play host to the world.

NR: Telluride is a major destination for a lot of people who want to just ski, experience the outdoors. A lot of people from the east coast head there, west coast. That’s a beautiful spot, that’s awesome. Would you still be doing adult industry stuff? Do you want to get out of it in two years and just focus on that?

Angela Aspen: No, no. I’d probably, I’d definitely do filming on the side. It’s a side hobby where I can still like dirty, and have my dirty side outlet. Then put on the pearls and the high-heels and make breakfast for my guests. I get to play two different lives and I’ve played two different lives since I was 22 so I’m used to it, I enjoy it. I love the evil and the good girl.

NR: So it’s something you are ready to tackle. You’ll be ready for it, no doubt about it. Is this true, you’re a preacher’s daughter?

Angela Aspen: Yup, my father was head of The Assemblies of God from ’93-’97 and now he is a missionary.

NR: What does he think about your missionary position activities?

Angela Aspen: He quickly disowned me the second he found out.

NR: Really? I’m sorry.

Angela Aspen: It’s something I choose to do. The money I’m making now is for my future family. I do plan on being a mom someday and settling down. It’s for my future family.

NR: You’ve got a plan. You just told me about the plans for Telluride. You’ve got things you want do in your life and whatever it takes to get there, it’s all about ‘do it your way’. Don’t do it someone else’s way, do it your way, always.

Angela Aspen: Right.

NR: I hear from a lot of girls I talk to, and you read it a lot, too. “Oh, my parents are so supportive.” I don’t know if I always buy that, and it’s nice to get an honest answer from you on that.

Angela Aspen: I’ll probably beat the hell out of my daughter, then I’ll hold the camera.

NR: Oh Jesus, don’t say that!

Angela Aspen: You can do this just as long as you have a plan B. I say that now because I haven’t had a little girl. As long as she has a plan B I want her to feel comfortable with her body, I want her to explore her sexuality, but I don’t want her to do anything degrading. I love porn, I love the empowering side, I can choose my roles, I can choose my character. My character is empowering, it’s a very empowered female. I would encourage her to choose empowering roles where she is in control.

NR: Absolutely, that’s awesome. I think that’s great, I really do.

Angela Aspen: Yeah!

NR: Five years from now, what’s a typical week gonna be like for Angela Aspen?

Angela Aspen: I host people at my bed and breakfast from Thursday to Sunday. Then I go on a cruise, or I go to Belize or San Pedro or wherever, I just escape. I don’t answer the phone when I don’t wanna answer the phone and I pick up the phone when I wanna work.

NR: You’re only gonna answer the phone when Nude Reviews calls, that’s right.

Angela Aspen: Right, right. When I’m 30, I’m 28 now, but when I’m 30 I am gonna use it as a big publicity stunt to get gangbanged by the Harvard, Stanford or Yale football team, and then they sign a release. I would love to be impregnated by a Harvard football player, so I have a hot, smart guy; and I’m carrying his child and then he leaves me alone [laughs].

NR: And the kid will have everything going for him, it’s perfect.

Angela Aspen: I know, he will be tall and beautiful and smart.

NR: You’ve got everything mapped out, I like it!

Angela Aspen: [laughs]

NR: This is a hell of a plan you’ve drawn up here.

Angela Aspen: Well, we hope that I go by the plan.

NR: I think it’s awesome, and just remember down the road when I’m out in Colorado I wanna stay at the bed and breakfast, okay?

Angela Aspen: Well, if you go to Harvard, I would love to carry your kid.

NR: Well listen, I didn’t go to Harvard, but I’m a pretty bright guy. I’ve got some good genes, I’m 6’5″ if that helps.

Angela Aspen: That’s hot, wow.

NR: We could have a giant baby.

Angela Aspen: Good deal, I like it, you gotta breed smart.

NR: Exactly, you have to. So maybe when I’m out at the bed and breakfast one thing could lead to another, we’ll seeā€¦

Angela Aspen: Thank you.

NR: I’m gonna let you get going, but I really appreciate this. I’m glad we finally got you on the phone. Have a blast in Vegas and good luck with everything, okay?

Angela Aspen: Thank you so much, have a wonderful weekend!

NR: I will, thank you – alright Angela, take care.

Angela Aspen: Bye!

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