Dana DeArmond Interview, Cont.

Dana DeArmond: Hello?

Nude Reviews: Hi, Dana!

Dana DeArmond: Hi!

NR: Hey, it’s Mack at NudeReviews.com. How are you?

Dana DeArmond: Good!

NR: Did I catch you at a bad time?

Dana DeArmond: No, I was expecting you.

NR: Okay, good. You sounded a little thrown off. I was like, oh boy, I hope I’ve got the right number.

Dana DeArmond: Oh no, it’s because I am using Google Voice so I can give my phone number out to whoever needs it. I’m not really familiar how to use it.

NR: Very cool, it’s easy to use. You will get the hang of it. It’s super intuitive.

Dana DeArmond: Yeah.

NR: So, what’s going on? What are you up to?

Dana DeArmond: I…I…

NR: Sounds exciting [laughs].

Dana DeArmond: I…

NR: I’m waiting for it.

Dana DeArmond: I am formulating an answer [laughs].

NR: Okay, okay [laughs].

Dana DeArmond: I have to open my email.

NR: No worries, multi-tasking.

Dana DeArmond: I have notes!

NR: You have notes? You don’t even know what I’m going to ask you.

Dana DeArmond: What’s up? [laughs]

NR: Not much, I’m hanging out. You out in California?

Dana DeArmond: Yeah, L.A. Hanging out with my cat, doing Yoga, drinking tea.

NR: You’re hanging out with the cat, doing Yoga, drinking tea and an interview all at the same time?

Dana DeArmond: Yeah, well that’s my day, it’s an all day thing.

NR: That’s impressive. What have you been up to lately? What’s the latest?

Dana DeArmond: Just got back from Europe.

NR: How was that?

Dana DeArmond: It was pretty awesome. I did a signing at the Venus Show in Berlin, for Girlfriend Zone.

NR: Very Cool. How was that?

Dana DeArmond: It was really good, it was fun. There were guys that kept trying to take me and Bobbi Starr out on dates. We were like, you don’t get it, this company that we are signing for is a lesbian company. They were like no, I will take you out to dinner, nothing weird. We were like, no, you don’t get it, this is a lesbian company.

NR: That’s funny. So where else did you go besides Berlin?

Dana DeArmond: Went to Paris and presented at the Hot d’Or Awards, it’s like the AVN in Europe.

NR: We know all about it over here, absolutely.

Dana DeArmond: Presented some awards, saw some sites, then went back to Budapest and did some shooting for Christoph Clark and Rocco Siffredi.

NR: Oh, very cool. How was that?

Dana DeArmond: Yeah, I shot four scenes for Christoph and one really big scene for Rocco. It was really good, I liked it. I got to have sex with a lot of hot little European girls.

NR: That must have been fun.

Dana DeArmond: They were really adorable. I like them, they have perfect boobs.

NR: Was that your first time over there?

Dana DeArmond: Yeah, I’ve gone to London a couple times to shoot before but I’ve never actually done the big Europe trip. We were gone for three weeks, it was pretty intense.

NR: I’m sure. A lot of people think it’s all fun and games. I know you’re pretty busy, but that’s awesome, I’m jealous.

Dana DeArmond: It was pretty cool, I liked it.

NR: Where did you grow up?

Dana DeArmond: In Orlando, but I was born on the base at Ft. Bragg in North Carolina, parents were in the Army.

NR: So you’re a military brat?

Dana DeArmond: Yeah.

NR: Oh boy, that’s trouble.

Dana DeArmond: No, it’s not bad.

NR: What led you into adult entertainment?

Dana DeArmond: I was dancing for a long time. Then I quit drinking and got fired from being a stripper. I decided it was a good time to figure out something different to do. I had seen fucking machines on the internet and HBO’s RealSex, and I thought about it a lot, how cool it would be to get fucked by a robot. It looked so awesome. The girls looked like they were having so much fun. I thought it was really neat that they had these engineer people designing machines to fuck girls, for that reason only.

NR: You saw that and you were like, that’s what I need to do?

Dana DeArmond: I just wanted to do it because I thought it was really interesting and hot and then I was like, “Oh you also get some money for it, that’s cool. I never really had the forethought of, “Oh, I’m gonna become a pornstar.

NR: I know. Well, you have a lot of fans.

Dana DeArmond: Oh yeah, it’s awesome, I love it. They are really cool. A couple weeks ago I went to see DeathClock at the Paladium in Hollywood, which is a metal band from the Adult Swim show Metalocalypse. So many of my fans were like, “Dana, hey Dana!” A lot of people wanted to take pictures with me. I could talk about music with my fans, which was fun for me, as opposed to them not saying anything and just staring at me and being like, “Oh my god, I saw you at the show. It’s cool, my fans are cool people, they have good taste. [pause] Hang on, I’m taking my retainer out…

NR: I remember my old retainer days, it’s a pain in the ass to talk with a retainer in, I know.

Dana DeArmond: People think it’s cute, though.

NR: You should do one of your cam sessions with the retainer in. See what the fans think.

Dana DeArmond: So many people who see my YouTube videos, I get all these comments. They have a fetish, they love to see the inside of a women’s mouth, they wanna see the palate, see the back of the teeth, very interesting.

NR: I know this all too well. NudeReviews is a giant review site so we have literally reviewed every website you can imagine. I know way too much about fetishes.

Dana DeArmond: Maybe I’m just really naive. You wanna jerk off to my palate? [laughs]

NR: You can probably auction off that retainer on eBay for 10,000 dollars.

Dana DeArmond: I have my old night gaurd I could auction because it doesn’t fit me anymore.

NR: The headgear, you used to rock the headgear?

Dana DeArmond: I had a night guard for grinding my teeth.

NR: What, did you have TMJ?

Dana DeArmond: It’s my jaw problem, that’s why I had to get braces.

NR: Jeez, I’m sorry. This is serious.

Dana DeArmond: I gotta little bit of good BJ work in because a lot of people wanted to see the cum on my braces. They wanted me to do dental episodes. I did Naughty Office for Naughty America.

NR: There’s nothing wrong with having good teeth, trust me.

Dana DeArmond: It’s something instilled at a very young age, the importance of good oral hygiene, taking care of your teeth, you only have one set.

NR: Exactly, good oral hygiene goes a long way. I don’t even know where this interview went, now we are talking about teeth, I was supposed to talk to you about the industry. I really appreciate you taking out some time for us, I know you’re busy busy, this was awesome

Dana DeArmond: Did you see my AVN Nomination just came out?

NR: We were looking through the list the other day. There is a ton of people on there, some we are interviewing soon as well.

Dana DeArmond: I’m nominated for Female Performer Of The Year.

NR: I think you should go, just a hunch.

Dana DeArmond: [laughs] I’m nominated for Female Performer Of The Year, Most Outrageous Sex Scene, Best Threeway, Best All Girl Group Scene and then Bobbi Starr and Dana Dearmond’s Insatiable Voyage is nominated for the Best Gonzo Release, which I am really excited about because that was a really awesome movie that we made. I do think it’s the best gonzo movie of the year.

NR: I think you’re gonna win them all.

Dana DeArmond: Aww, you’re funny.

NR: I’m serious, I think you’re gonna take home six AVNs.

Dana DeArmond: I’m not even nominated for that many. [laughs]

NR: You’re gonna win six though, I promise.

Dana DeArmond: It’s nice to be recognized after being in the industry for six years.

NR: I know, it’s tough. We see it across the board here. We see some girls that come in and after one year they are mega stars, then you see some who don’t see the accolades until 10 years in the biz, it’s so hard to predict.

Dana DeArmond: I think I’m just gonna keep at it, take care of my teeth. Eventually people will praise me, validate me.

NR: [laughs] It’s all paying off now.

Dana DeArmond: You know, if I was in this business for validation I probably would have quit a long time ago. I’m really lucky that I’ve been able to work consistently as long as I have.

NR: Without a doubt. It’s not easy. A lot of girls think it will be real easy to have longevity in the business, but it’s not always the case, we see it all too often. Well you should be proud of yourself, I am really stoked about all those AVN nominations, that’s awesome.

Dana DeArmond: Thank you very much. I’m trying to think if there is anything else I have to tell you. Social Networking, AVN nominations…I told you I worked with Rocco and Christoph

NR: What’s your favorite ice cream?

Dana DeArmond: I don’t know. I don’t eat that much ice cream.

NR: It’s the teeth, right?

Dana DeArmond: I like a gelato. I like mango flavored stuff. I like variety. I like coffee ice cream.

NR: Coffee ice cream is great.

Dana DeArmond: I had some pumpkin gelato before.

NR: That sounds nasty.

Dana DeArmond: Oh, it tasted like pumpkin pie, it was so good, it was delish.

NR: Well listen…

Dana DeArmond: I think that’s about it.

NR: I just wanted to say everybody at NudeReviews.com loves you, we all think you’re a star. Keep up the good work, have a blast at The Palms. I hope you take them all down.

Dana DeArmond: Thank you so much. Thank you for interviewing me, this is so nice.

NR: It was my pleasure, you were a lot of fun. You’re an interesting character, you had me laughing quite a bit, so I enjoyed it.

Dana DeArmond: No problem.

NR: Hopefully we can do it again soon, okay I mean it.

Dana DeArmond: Sure thing. Come and find me in Vegas if you can.

NR: I’ll look for you.

Dana DeArmond: Get Monstar to track me down.

NR: I’m gonna be all over it, don’t you worry.

Dana DeArmond: Awesome, look forward to meeting you.

NR: Alright, Dana, take care.

Dana DeArmond: You too, bye now!

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