I Like To Sing, And Long Walks On The Beach Get Me Wet…


Yea, I hate Country Music…but I am still a man!

Carrie Underwood looks gooooood.  What was Tony Romo thinking anyway, somebody needs to sit him down and explain to him the finer things in life.  I am willing to dismiss the little upper vag tattoo peeking out of her bikini and chalk it up to youthful shenanigans.  She is hot, plain and simple.  Sure, Country Music blows, but I can look past that too.  I am flexible Carrie, hopefully not as flexible as you are but I am willing to work for this thing.  Hell, I’ll even go to Nashville and line-dance, put on a bolo tie and go see Graceland with you.  Just keep looking hot, and remember that I am watching you like a hawk, Carrie.

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