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I am a webcam junkie, but after logging 33 hours of private webcam sessions with girls from all around the globe, I have concluded that none of them can do a cartwheel.  Maybe I am unique, but I don’t waste my time with the usual “hey, put a finger in your butt” or “yell my name baby” webcam exchange.  These lovely gals operate in a bedroom or office, and I can’t help but think of how amazing it would be to see one of them do a cartwheel for me.  Webcam is hot, and I am a huge advocate, but the cam-girl who cartwheels for me, she is the winner.  33 hours of cam, barking orders at these girls, nearly every demand answered, except the cartwheel request…until now.  I present, with much jubilation: I’

This site is no secret, it is however the tits!  Millions know it, and now all who read this blog will know where to go to find cartwheeling cam-girls from far reaches of the world.  It was a Wednesday morning, around 9:30.  And don’t sit there reading this and say, “why was he on a cam site so early?”  Porn doesn’t sleep, we all know that, so don’t try to play it all cool on me.  Back to ImLive…a young Colombian gal with huge boobs was doing just about anything I could think of, and she did it all with a smile on her face.  Her English was spectacular, so I gave it a shot…

Me: Can you do a cartwheel for me?

Roberta de Colombia: What? heheh

Me: A cartwheel, flip sideways. Do you know it?

Roberta de Colombia: Yes I know, are you serious?

Me: Like a Spanish Conquest

Roberta de Colombia: hehehe, ok Papi!

* A cartwheel came next, finally.  It had been weeks, nearly a month, and I thought I would never see my dreams come true.  This girl was in a bedroom no bigger than a port-a-potty, and she pulled it off.  I leaned back in my chair and smiled, like an owner who just watched his team win the World Series.  It was the crowning achievement of my webcam career.  It was like a webcam grandslam and a hole-in-one rolled together.  Some would say that I ought to retire now…never.  There cannot be just one girl out there capable of cartwheeling on webcam, there are more, and it is my life’s work to find them, my destiny I’

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