Cops have needs…

A cop in Illinois just got fired for watching porn on his squad-car laptop.  He had been on suspension since January for the incident.  The kicker to the story…he tried to bring down the entire police force when he finally got canned.

Billy Hurst told a circuit court that his co-workers are all guilty of looking at porn and that he was not the only person to use the on-board computer for such activities.  I like this guy, honestly.  He gets screwed for watching porn and tells the judge that everybody he works with is a hornball.  It’s a killer defense.  The Chief of police responded to the accusations by saying, “yes, we have a couple playboys in the bathroom at the station”.  Bullshit Chief!  You were issuing tickets with a huge boner and you know it!  I bet everyone in that station was walking around with perpetual hard-ons.  Hell, they probably shot a film in one of those squad-cars back in ’98.

What’s the big deal here though?  Cops keep the streets safe and I have no problem with a cop using his computer for some personal time.  Illinois is essentially a giant farm once you get outside of Chicago, so things can be pretty boring.  I did some research and the town of Clinton is seriously in the middle of nowhere.  You go ahead an rub one out, just use a little hand sanitizer before you write me a ticket.  There is one crucial piece to the story that I am leaving out…Apparently in 2003, Officer Hurst exposed himself at a local bar.

Okay, I will concede…maybe this guy is a sicko, but aren’t we all just a little bit?  Another funny bit to the story; his computer was getting a virus every other week, which sparked a tech guy at the station to put the monitoring device on his laptop.  He watched more than 27 hours of porn in a 5-week period.  I will keep you posted on Officer Hurst’s fate, and everyone out there who thinks he’s just a dude trying to watch porn and relax…High Five!!

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