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Nude Reviews is not a bunch of people sitting around in their birthday suits reviewing porn sites. We actually tried that once, but it made for a very awkward couple of days at the office. Eventually, our human resources department intervened and we were ordered to at least wear pants on a daily basis. It's probably better that way. In reality, Nude Reviews is the biggest and most versatile porn review site on the web.  Dedicated to bringing its users honest and well written porn reviews, we also offer enough free movie clips, photo galleries and tube clips to blow your face off.  If you're into that sort of thing.

Based out of Miami, Florida, the Nude Reviews staff is more than a little familiar with tits and ass. You might even call us experts. After years of sitting on the beach, sipping beer and getting shitty tans, we decided to bring our expertise to the public in the form of a comprehensive porn community.  Nude Reviews is more than just your average review site. We dare say it's even more than your average free porn gallery site. In addition to new reviews and XXX content added daily in straight, gay and bisexual porn genres, Nude Reviews offers interviews with your favorite pornstars, a user forum, a searchable and comprehensive male and female model archive, a YouTube channel, a Twitter – not to mention exclusive hardcore porn content that you won't find on any other review site.  And our blog is pretty entertaining, too, especially if you're drunk. Which occasionally we are.

Being a porn consumer is tricky business. It's hard to know who to trust. Between misleading tours, scam billing practices, cross sales, hidden charges, computer viruses and more, using your credit card can be a little risky. This is why the Nude Reviews staff is on hand to lead you in the right direction. Nude Reviews will warn you of any cross sales, scams or pop-ups. Our reviewers give their honest opinions, not only on the content itself but on each site's cost value. As much as possible, Nude Reviews will also give you a selection of free porn galleries from each site – more than what you'll get on the average tour – so you can see for yourself if it's something you'd like to buy.  Our goal is to create an informed consumer. After browsing through our reviews and galleries, you will have the knowledge necessary to make an educated porn purchase.  And if you happen to pop one off while browsing, well, we're okay with that, too.

The Nude Reviews writing staff is made up of a handful of people from all walks of life. As you can see from our reviews, we have varied tastes and interests and our core staff is dedicated to giving you a well-rounded opinion.  Unlike many review sites, our core staff actively writes reviews as often as we can. You can check out sites reviewed by Chris, Montana and BFG to see more on what we think.   Our scoring criteria is explained in each review (just click our criteria clarifier) and you'll see that no website receives a perfect score, because there's no such thing as a perfect site.  We are not in the business of promoting only specific types of sites, or even our own favorites.  We encourage our users to discuss their own opinions in our forum, even if it's in disagreement with our own. Seriously, we won't delete your comments. We promise.

Ultimately, our goal is to create an informative, entertaining and all-inclusive site that other porn lovers can count on for trusted reviews and  quality content. Nude Reviews might be the youngest porn review site on the Internet, but at heart we are just a bunch of porn-loving guys and girls who want to make your XXX experience more enjoyable.  Take a look around and see for yourself what we have to offer.  And it's alright if you choose to take off your pants; we won't tell.


The staff hard at work.

The Nude Reviews staff hard at work